Best Handmade Shoes in Pakistan (Updated Brands List 2024)

handmade shoes in Pakistan

Fashion experts say that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. No outfit is really complete without the perfect pair of handmade shoes. In the world of fast fashion, there are way too many options available to us but not all of them are actually of the quality that would make them last.

This made us wonder, what changed? Turns out, when shoes were taken out of the hands of artisans and handed over to be made in factories at higher speeds, the shoes lost what made them special. But not all companies went that route, there are still several brands in the world that stick to the traditional way of making shoes.

Top 11 Handmade Shoes in Pakistan (Brands List)

In this post, we will be going over the top 11 brands that make handcrafted shoes in Pakistan.

1. Markhor Shoes

Markhor Shoes

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The founders of Markhor, Sidra Qasim, and Waqas Ali first met at a workshop in Okara. There, they learned about everything that goes into the art of making products by hand and that many international brands had their products made from countries like Pakistan yet, they never really give Pakistani artists the spotlight that they deserve. The Pakistani artists have long worked in the shadows of international brands, Sidra and Waqas wanted to change that.

Together they came up with the idea of their brand “Markhor”. They work directly with local Pakistani artists who handcraft the shoes. Each product the put out, is made with passion behind it. Several hours go into making sure each shoe is made perfectly, so each customer has something special that they can hold onto for years to come.

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2.TLC Shoes

TLC Shoes

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TLC, short for “The Leather Crafts”, is a Pakistani company that was made to provide leather shoes for Pakistani people without them having to dish out a fortune. TLC wanted to do this without having to compromise on the quality of their footwear and still have each shoe be a perfect blend of contemporary, modern designs while also being made entirely by hand by people who’ve done it for decades and really know their craft.

TLC has truly brought back the way shoes used to be made back in the day and they do so while participating in fair trading practices. Every person that works in their company is fairly paid, which is something most brands fail to do. They’re also one of the few brands that provide fully bespoke services as well as a few ready-to-wear options.

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3. Footprint

Footprint Shoes

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The owner of the footprint was on the lookout for great quality, unique footwear for Pakistani men. When he didn’t find anything he really liked, he decided that he was going to make it himself. He did so and realized that there was a whole market for shoes like his. And so, the footprint was born. Footprint has been in the Pakistani shoemaking business for almost two decades now. They’ve successfully come out with over 500 designs over this time. They have collections of different styles of pre-made leather shoes for men but they also have 100% bespoke services for men that want their shoes to be tailormade, just for them.

4. Culzado

culzado shoes

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Many Pakistani handmade shoe brands focus on making shoes that are for formal events but Culzado is one that makes shoes for almost every type of occasion with branded men’s socks. From shoes for everyday use to those that you wear to formal meetings and events, they do it all.

Culzado makes the entire shoe themselves. Everything from the bottom of the shoe to the insole to every stitch is done at their facilities. Their shoes are known for being comfortable and they make sure that they’re stitched in a way that minimizes any chances of getting any ankle bites or shoe bites in general, which is a quality that’s usually very hard to come by informal shoes. The best part is that their collection includes different levels of shoes, all sorted in a way to include different budgets so everyone can get their hands on a pair of Culzados without having to worry about the money.

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5. Mochi

Mochi Shoes

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As other brands try to cater to people that either want super high-end shoes or very affordable low-end shoes, Mochi aims somewhere in between them. They’re a middle ground between the world of fast fashion and the super high-end bespoke shoe brands as they make sure to keep up with the trends and provide new footwear options to their customers but also don’t cost an arm and leg to buy.

Their focus is to ensure the two conditions mentioned above are fulfilled while also creating shoes that are comfortable, wearable, and durable enough to last a very long time.

6. Dazzle by Sarah

Dazzle by Sarah

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Khussas and other traditional Pakistani footwear like Kohlapuris are famous for being gorgeous but will almost always leave you with shoe bites all over your foot. Dazzle by Sarah’s aim was to take the discomfort out of the equation and add in even more elements of design into the traditional Khussa.

Their shoes are handmade, cushioned, and very lightweight, so you don’t even feel like you’re wearing anything other than women’s socks! They also have collections that are collaborations with Pakistani wedding wear designers that have beautiful shoes that are fit for a Pakistani bride! From casual wear to your own wedding shoes, you can find it all at Dazzle by Sarah.

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7. Spadera

Spadera Handmade Shoes

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Spedra is definitely a pioneer when it comes to great leather shoes in Pakistan. Their shoes are what they call “one of a kind”. Each individual shoe is made by hand from start to finish, making every shoe slightly different from another. They make several different types of shoes including Oxford shoes, Monk Strap Shoes, Loafer Shoes, Moccasins, Lace-Up, and even Slip-on Shoes, all at great prices!

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8. Soma Shoes

Soma Shoes

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Soma shoes were one of the first brands that wanted to bring back the charm of traditional Pakistani shoes while also adding a contemporary touch to them. They started off with what remains their most popular shoe today – the Khussa. Their Khussas are handcrafted in a way that really focuses on being ready to wear. Yup, no more having to use blowdryers and socks trying to break in your Khussas so they’d be a little more comfortable to wear, Soma’s Khussas are soft, cushioned, and ready to go straight out of the box!

Though they are mostly known for the Khussas, they still make several other styles of shoes that include loafers, sandals, all sorts of slip ons and even heels!

9. Studio Empoli

Studio Empoli

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Studio Empoli is so confident about the quality of their shoes that their own tagline is “Men’s finest handmade leather shoes”. Their shoes are handcrafted by the finest of shoemakers in Pakistan. They make every single part of their shoes in-house, whether it is the soles or the shoelaces, the whole thing is literally made from scratch.

Studio Empoli has one of the widest shoe ranges when compared to its competitors. They make everything from loafers, Derbys, Monks and Oxfords to harder to find styles like slip-ons and sandals and even boots! What makes their range even better is the fact that they offer all of these styles in at least 5 different colours (including blue!) and in various prints too. If anyone’s looking to make a statement with their shoes, Studio Empoli would have something for them.

10. Datchi

Datchi Shoes

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Although Datchi isn’t exclusively a footwear brand, their shoes are so great that they’ve managed to create quite a name for themselves with their shoes. Their goal is to make shoes that leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. Datchi is more of a one stop shop when it comes to fashion. They make sure to stay on top of the trends and make amazing quality, handcrafted shoes for both men and women.

Datchi shoes come in a variety of colours, shades, prints and designs but the best part about them is that while they provide all sorts of options, the shoes themselves aren’t ridiculously priced. Almost all of their shoes are the quality of high-end shoes but in the price of low to mid Range shoes – being true, the best of both worlds.

11. Gomila Intersole

Gomila Intersole

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Gomila Intersole brings to Pakistan something we aren’t used to having – Premium, bespoke services for footwear. Their shoes are made to order, so each shoe is made especially for the person that’s going to wear them.

The way their process works is that you place an order by looking at the wide range of designs they have on their website and pick a general size for the shoe. Afterward, they call you and go over every single detail that goes into making sure that your shoes are made exactly to your preference. Then your shoe goes into production and is made in the next 2-3 weeks, from scratch, all according to your instructions. This is something that was only available to people that were able to spend thousands of dollars on their shoes and with a lot of time on their hands to go and make changes to the shoes. By bringing this entire process online, Gomila Intersole has literally done something one of a kind, while also making sure that the Pakistani shoemakers that work with them are fairly compensated for their work – making them not only great at what they do but also one of the most ethical companies in the shoemaking business.

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