Famous Handicrafts of Pakistan

Famous Handicrafts of Pakistan

Pakistan is known for its golden, ancient civilization with tons of history and resources regarding different cultures and art. There are all kinds of beauty found in the artistic side of Pakistan.

This country’s noteworthy items range from handicrafts, foods, beauty, and more. One can enjoy the tasty fruits found elsewhere, like apples, mangoes, bananas, citruses, and oranges.

There are tons of spices, gems, and other precious items due to which it is worthy enough to travel. The awesome stuff found here is why everyone finds Pakistan so diverse and exciting.

There is a world of riches to explore when it comes to Pakistani handicrafts. These timeless handicrafts have been alive and thriving for eternity. Due to the inheritance of principles from ancestors to the current age, handicrafts earn self-respect, beauty, and form.

Each Pakistani city features its department of handicrafts. The most common ones are needlework, solid artifacts, material, jewelry, and hand mirrors, aside from different handicraft substances.

Every panache, pigment, and project besides the idea sends an excellent representation of the particular area’s philosophy.

The poignant mystic created by the country’s handicrafts stays visible from the undying innovation of the attractive figurines, beautiful semi-precious jewelry, stunning equipment, outstanding statuaries, and stunning watercolors.

Pakistani handicrafts are crucial gravels in the decorated epitome of the nation’s philosophy and its inheritance. These handicrafts are seen everywhere with their cultural intentions aside from unbeatable consistency, whether they are a specific sandstone stone grind, complex ornament metallic technique, or alluring landscapes.

The period fixes itself as a piece of proof on the way to the rise of skill plus graphic arts relying on the history gained from cavern to the modern metropolises. Current Pakistani handicrafts are still an integral part of the philosophy, surprising the whole world while being impatient for beauty.

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Amazing List of Handicrafts of Pakistan


Pakistani handicrafts are a result of 5,000 years of tradition. Around 80% of the handiworks are derived from Sindh, even though you will see Punjabi designs in the majority. In this article, we will explain all the primary handiworks of Pakistan.

1. Chiniot Wooden Handicrafts

Chiniot Wooden Handicrafts

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The Northern areas and upper Punjab are blessed with thick and rich forests, which are natural sources of woods. Walnut, hardwood, softwood, and deodar trees are among the top species.

Couple these with the talented craftsmen of Pakistan, and you will have gorgeous Chiniot wooden handicrafts. These craftsmen utilize wood art, craving the showcasing of their artistry.

The capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Faisalabad are the primary markets for wooden handicrafts, furniture, and other objects manufactured by wood.

As a report, Pakistan can earn 1 billion dollars by exporting handmade wooden furniture. Moreover, the artistry of wood carving has repeatedly created outstanding masterpieces in the industry for decades.

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2. Carpets


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This is among the primary handicraft industries in Pakistan and is an integral part of foreign exchange profits. The carpet artistry in the country has been influenced by Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. A Mughal emperor initiated this art in Southeast Asia, which persists in Lahore today.

Since the inception of carpentry, craftsmen have been employing Persian techniques for carpet weaving. Synthetic fiber, wool, and silk are the raw materials utilized in carpets.

3. Earthen Pots

Earthen Pots

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Pottery making is an ancient skill in Southeast Asia. Pakistani artists create earthen pots, aka matkas by following the designs of their ancestors. The generations-old tradition is even displayed in museums.

Rural Pakistanis use matkas to store water. The earthenware items found in Pakistan can’t be seen anywhere else. Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Shehwan, Nasarpur, and Hala are the common cities creating these handicrafts.

4. Glazed Tiles

Glazed Tiles

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The prominent centers of glazed tiles are Multan, Hala, and Nasarpur. Glazed tiles showcase the design called Kashi. This design name originates from a city in Iran – Kashan, another popular glazed tiles capital.

In Pakistan, the tiles are utilized for decorating mosques in Southern Punjab and Sindh.

5. Cotton Clothes

Cotton Clothes

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The world’s oldest cotton garments have been unearthed in Khaddar, Pakistan. This means that the country is an ancient expert at producing cotton fiber.

Pakistanis love wearing cotton, especially in northern areas. As per a 2017 study, Pakistani clothes comprise 1% of the global garments exports.

Some Punjabi and Sindhi carpets made of cotton are Susi, Khais, and Rilli. Sindh is also famous for Ajrak – a multipurpose cotton garment featuring block printing design. More examples of cotton handicrafts are notable and demanding in Pakistan.

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6. Khussa


Khussa is among the most famous Pakistani handicrafts. This novel fashion piece was introduced by the Mughal emperor named Jehangir.

The share of Pakistan towards global footwear export is 0.001%, and this contribution will only increase with time. Pakistan’s local footwear industry holds immense potential.

Previously, khussa was only seen in the rural villages. However, within a short period, it gained popularity, and the other big cities in Pakistan quickly adopted this footwear trend.

Khussas spread to Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. However, the center of this footwear industry is Bahawalpur. This talented city generates many khussas displaying numerous decorations and styles.

7. Peshawari Chappal

Peshawari Chappal

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Identified as one of the most long-lasting products, the Peshawari Chappal is a favourite of many Pakistani men. The reason it’s so famous is that it pairs ideally with the shalwar and kameez, the country’s national attire.

The origin of this footwear is reflected in the name – Peshawar. This is one of the oldest Pakistani cities and the most prominent hub of these chappals.

One can find tons of different designs and styles of this chappal. Pakistanis living in urban cities and villages both love this national treasure.

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8. Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic Jewelry

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From heavy wedding goodies to minimalist pieces, one can find all types of handmade jewelry in Pakistan. This jewelry is produced by melting metal and giving it the shapes of various designs by using molds. Different jewelry categories are afterward fixed with the machines and artisans’ hands to make aesthetic ornaments.

The Pakistani export of jewelry has boosted by 1.3% in recent years. Based on a 2018 report, the country’s jewelry exports total a surprising $5.9 billion.

Jewelry pieces manufactured in Southeast Asia, especially in Pakistan, feature the influence of Turkey, Greece, Iran, and Rome. Matter of fact, the Kuchi headdress is among the most easily identifiable and superior handicrafts of Pakistan.

9. Copper and Brass

Copper and Brass

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The application of copper and brass remains extremely difficult as their antiquity is derived from the northern areas., the old bazaars of Peshawar and Swat. From the era when the Mughals were alive, the innate capability of craftsmen is still undying.

10. Ajrak


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In the period of Mohenjo-Daro, Ajrak came into being from the banks of Sindh. Initially, it was used to showcase shades of sapphire. This Sindhi handiwork illustrates the complete Indus revolution in the theme.

The arrangement of the pulleys block pattern has not gone over any alteration ever since it’s invention. The enterprise has remained active from the people of the Indus revolution to the embankment of Chaukhandi.

11. Onyx, Woods, and Brass Crafts

Onyx, Woods, and Brass Crafts

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Handicrafts made of brass, firewood, and onyx have proudly preserved Pakistani handicrafts’ shining tradition since 1994. These pieces depict the magic of talented craftsmen who are experts in identifying how to sculpt metallic substances plan dire wood.

These delicate objects are manufactured in factories within the community of hardworking craftsmen. They are massively adorned in major metropolises. Metal kerosene lamps, glass casings, and more are examples of this art.

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12. Sindhi Topi

Sindhi Topi

This is particularly observed in Sindh. The Balochi and Saraiki individuals wear it with enthusiasm. It goes hand-in-hand with Ajrak. The Sindhi topi is an integral part of the Sindhi philosophy. Plus, it’s a bold symbol of Sindhi patriotism.

The topi is cylinder-shaped with a tiny part clipped to guarantee that the temple can be seen. Poise embellished techniques are employed. Small smithereens are also stitched sometimes on the cap.

13. Camel Lamps

Camel Lamps

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This table lamp made from beige-colored hide appears stunning when it shines at night. The metropolitan of Multan surrounds the camels in this handiwork.

The lamps are shaped with the help of a beige coating, which is quite common in the Cholistan desert. First, it’s washed and then dehydrated to be moulded in the desired arrangement.

Later, these lamps are given a particular shape. They are tinted as well to produce a lovely effect. The conventional Multani themes poignantly reflect the designs on the beige camel lamps.

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14. Rilli


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Rilli was developed by poor women who lacked the resources to purchase new clothes. Rilli is a coverlet made by joining different pieces. This tradition is proof of creativity and flexibility in periods of need.

The women combined pieces to form these coverlets as an ability. Some Rilli pieces were also handed down from one generation to another.

15. Pashmina


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It demands a full community of Kashmiri women to form a typical Pashmina. It’s a wrap made of beef fabric with complex patterns. The floral themes display the charm of Indian summer along with mainspring flower categories.

This beautiful Kashmiri handicraft is durable to be worn in all seasons and costly. The handwoven northern artifact gains appreciation from the whole nation.

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16. Gems


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Gems deserve mention whenever jewelry is discussed. Pakistani gems are extracted from the Himalayan mountains. Turquoise, rubies, and emeralds are some of the most demanded gems among Pakistani women.


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