The 5 Best Bracelets for Men in Pakistan

Top Men’s Bracelets in Pakistan

It hasn’t been very common for Pakistani men to wear bracelets traditionally. Pakistani men used to keep things simple to a minimum when it came to dressing up, but that’s shifted in the past decade. Now, Pakistani men like to take care of how they look. They have realised that you can’t really fully get ready until you are accessorising along with wearing the right clothing.

When you first step into the world of accessories, you might find that there are simply too many options. These options can easily overwhelm someone, even if they are trying to start off with something simple. The choices can be overwhelming, and it can be not very clear to figure out which type of accessory will go with which type of outfit for which type of occasion.

List of Top 5 Stylish Bracelets for Men in Pakistan (2023 Collection)

In this post, we will be going over men’s bracelets. We will talk about different types of leading bracelet brands for men in Pakistan and how you can wear them!

1. Riblor All Black, Double Looped Men’s Bracelet

Riblor All Black, Double Looped Men’s Bracelet

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The first one we are going to be talking about is a simple, single coloured leather men’s bracelet. This is a type of bracelet that is fairly easy to style because of how versatile it is. The design is unique, yet muted as introduced by Riblor.com as an exclusive collection. It’s entirely black so you can easily pair it with an outfit of any colour under the sun without having to worry about it clashing – all black goes with everything! This type of bracelet is great too if you are trying to start off slowly. It is a type of bracelet that you could pair just as well with a casual T-shirt and men’s jeans as you could with a sleek formal suit! The great thing is that this is a type of bracelet that can teach you how to wear accessories with your outfits. You can experiment with the clothes that you already own and then slowly move on to different types of bracelets and outfits from there!

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2. Riblor Leather Bracelet, Brown and Gold Men’s Bracelet

Riblor Leather Bracelet, Brown and Gold Men’s Bracelet

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If all black is a little too muted or easy for you, it might be time for you to upgrade to something a little different, like this brown and gold variation of the last bracelet. From a design point of view, this bracelet is identical to the last, so you can still easily pair it with almost any type of outfit, but what’s different here is the colours. Since this bracelet is brown and gold, it’s still in the somewhat neutral zone. You could still pair this with designer brown wallets and several of the outfits that would work with all black but it’s best to only mix it with outfits that have 2 colours going on. If you have a whole array of bright colours all over the place, this could still work but it would end up depending on how you carry it. It’s easier to match this with less complicated outfits and it looks best with casuals and business casual outfits.

3. Riblor Navy Blue Single Loop Men’s Bracelet

Riblor Navy Blue Single Loop Men’s Bracelet

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If you aren’t really about that double-loop life, don’t worry, there are still options for you! This single loop, navy blue leather bracelet for example. This is a bracelet that isn’t very “in your face”, it doesn’t try to distract the eye from the entire outfit, it just compliments it – which is the perfect accessory. This is also something you can easily wear as a first-timer because there’s really not much to it and it will look gorgeous with the designer men watches. It’s so simple that you could throw this on with any outfit and it will match perfectly and make it look like you spent hours trying to put together your look! This bracelet does work well for both casual and formal outfits but if you are someone that tends to wear slightly more casual clothing than formal, you might have an easier time styling this with more clothes. Something like this would go beautifully with a short sleeve button down and chino set. Since this bracelet features the colours blue and silver, it’s best to wear it with basics like black, blue, white and grey. It keeps the entire look cohesive so you don’t have to worry about crashing! And we all know that the number one problem with accessorising is when the accessory clashes with your outfit in a way that ruins the entire look!

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4. Riblor Brown and Gold Single Loop Men’s Bracelet

Riblor Brown and Gold Single Loop Men’s Bracelet

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For men that like wearing a ton of colour, the blue single loop bracelet might not seem as attractive as a bracelet. They can easily switch over to something like this single loop men’s bracelet instead! This one brings the neutral tones back into your outfit. Tan leather is a colour that goes beautifully with almost every colour you wear it with, so you pretty much can’t go wrong with it. That means that there’s a lot more room for error with a bracelet like this and even if you aren’t really 100% sure about the type of outfit it would go with, more often than not, it will. Let’s go over a few examples of how this could work for different types of outfits. Starting from keeping things super casual, if you were to wear a pair of jogger pants with a fitted T-shirt and sneakers, you can easily throw this on to add a pop of style into the look. If you are going to be slightly dressier and wear a casual short-sleeved button-down with chino shorts, the brown and gold single loop bracelet will go perfectly with that too! Coming towards business casual, if you’re wearing a white button-down shirt with navy blue pants, it might not seem like brown and gold will go with that very well but it does! The brown and gold tones both are in the neutral family and can be worn with lots of different types of outfits. Making it a great option for men that want to try out an accessory to wear with the Rolex watch in Pakistan that would work with different types of outfits before they invest in lots of different ones.

5. Montblanc Silver Cuff Style Bracelet

Montblanc Silver Cuff Style Bracelet

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If you are a man that doesn’t like incorporating any coloured accessories, there are still options for you! Although you might think that moving towards a metal bracelet would mean that you are going to have to wear a tacky chain bracelet but that’s not the case. Accessories have come a long way for men! The best metal alternative to the regular leather bracelets is this metal cuff style bracelet and looks elegant while matching with the designer cufflinks. This is similar in wearability to the first, double loop bracelet we talked about before. Since this is one colour, and that too one that is silver, making it one of the most neutral ones you could find in the market! The easy slip on and off design makes it look even sleeker and allows it to work with different types of outfits! You could wear this with something as simple as a gym outfit and make it go as far as wearing it with a full, formal suit! Here is a collection of the best suiting brands in Pakistan. This bracelet works for casual hangouts and formal events like meetings or weddings. As far as colours are concerned, this would pop with a monochromatic outfit. If you keep things simple like an all-black or black and white outfit and pair this bracelet with it, it’ll add an element of design without you having to try very hard! Something like this is great for people that want to look put together, without having to put a lot of thought into their outfit. It’s an all-rounder!

Final Thoughts

Whether you have always worn accessories or are just expanding your horizon and trying out new things, a bracelet is a great accessory to incorporate into your style. These work great for casual outfits and formal outfits so you don’t even need to invest in lots of different ones to make them all match with individual outfits. Just go through your existing closet and check the type of clothes you have. Depending on the style and colours you wear, you can get any of the bracelets we have mentioned and pair them with everything you wear! Men’s bracelets can take your look from average to unique quickly!

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