Latest Pakistani Mehndi Design Collection Ideas List 2024

Mehndi is a favorite custom among women in Pakistan, India and surrounding areas. It has been a common practice for a long time in these countries but now people from other places are also using it as well. For example in the West, people call it henna. Westerners use henna to create tattoos on their bodies. In Pakistan and neighboring countries, however, it is a staple of Pakistani culture, art, history and traditions. Women apply mehndi for eids and weddings the most. The best thing about Pakistani mehndi designs is that anyone can try them in their homes as they are very easy and simple but also beautiful. This article covers many such designs. They are all unique in their own way. Scroll down below to have a look!

Top 15 Pakistani Mehndi Design Ideas for Girls

1- Easy Flower Pattern


Easy Flower Pattern

This floral pattern is one of the most simple ones which you can find in Pakistan. It is very high in demand and quite minimalist in nature. If you are not into simple and elegant designs like this, remember that you can always make it complex by giving it your own twist. But when it comes to the flower pattern, many prefer to have gaps and spaces which makes it look clean. As you can see in the picture, a few chakras have also been designed in the center. These chakras play the role of the middle motif. Simple and elegant designs like these should be paired with light clothes such as lehnga or shalwar kameez.

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2- Bold Designs


Bold Designs

This design incorporates a lot of details and elements. These details are added to make a chakra when the hands are joined together. Since this is a heavy and very detail-orientated design, one should opt for it at a traditional event after being adorned in decorative clothes. In case if you want to personalize this bold design, you can replace or add in some other details.

3- Leaves and Heart Design


Leaves and Heart Design

This mehndi design is all about leaves and leaves are one of the favorite elements in mehndi. Women love leaves in their mehndi and when it is joined by the heart motif in the middle, it looks even more attractive. This design is not too heavy which means that you can wear it on functions as well as in routine. Even though it is a very cute design, it is equally hard to draw it which means that it requires skill, practice, and patience.

4- The Mandala Line Design


The Mandala Line Design

This is a design that is not seen often because the detail of the mandala is unique. So if you choose to wear it, you will definitely stand out in the crowd. At least 3 mandalas are added to this design and the noticeable thing is that each mandala reduces in size. This means that the mandala in the palm is the biggest and as the design continues on the arm, the size of the mandalas reduces. With this design, one should wear something having short sleeves. This design can be worn in both functions and everyday routines. If you want to beautify it more, you can incorporate gemstones and glitter on each mandala.

5- Curves with Shades Design


Curves with Shades Design

Unlike the other mehndi designs, this one is modern and contemporary. Therefore you can wear it to all parties and outdoor hangouts. The main elements in this design are dots and curves. It is amazing how both these simple elements can complement each other so well to create an intricate design. Mostly it’s the young girls who wear it. It is truly a hypnotic and unique design.

6- Colorful Design


Colorful Design

This is one of the most delicate designs on this list. It includes many intricate details and patterns. The motifs of leaves, domes, hearts, meshwork, and flowers are the most important ones in this design. However, you can always add more patterns to the design to make it look more unique. Since it is so detailed and complex, it takes a long time to complete and only the skilled hands can achieve it. But once you see the results, you will know that this design is worth it. And the cherry on top of this design is the addition of colors. One can not help but admire the precision, details and many numbers of patterns in the design.

7- The Design with the Floral Vines on the Back of the Hand


The Design with the Floral Vines on the Back of the Hand

The highlight of this mehndi design is the floral arrangement. These intricate patterns of the flowers resemble the Arabic mehndi designs. One can easily see the neatness and uniformity within the details and motifs. The option of giving colors is always there but even without colors, this design is perfect on its own.

8- Light Chakra Mehndi Design


Light Chakra Mehndi Design

This design excludes all kinds of heavy motifs and patterns. You will not find anything bold in the design as depicted in the picture. The overall design resembles a stylish glove. The fingers are adorned with the details of the meshwork. This meshwork is intended to fill the spaces on the fingers. Some women wear gemstone rings with this design so that the gaps are filled. This elevates the beauty of the design.

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9- The Peacock Design


The Peacock Design

This mehndi design is very popular among young women. It is definitely a favorite of many. The peacock in the design is filled with many small details of flowers. Both the flowers and peacock merge into one which makes the design beautiful. However, this merging does not make the design look complex. It works best with traditional clothing.

10- Green Mehndi

This design is made just for the occasion of mehndi. When it comes to the function of mehndi, there are countless designs to choose from. Everyone has their own preferences and as the option of changing the design to one’s taste is always open, mehndi designs have no end. This particular design is green in color which matches the mehndi function. Most brides wear this color on their mehndi as well. Since most women are seen with brown or red mehndi colors, the green color really stands out. This design is also very detail-orientated and only expert hands can properly finish it. The green color is paired with the golden shade as well. This color combination is very appealing to the eyes. If you want to make the design bolder, you can add sparkles. This mehndi design is truly meant to be worn at traditional events. Throw in some gold jewelry to have the most beautiful hands.

11- V-shaped Design


V-shaped Design

This mehndi design includes all the trademark details of the typical Pakistani mehndi. The Pakistani mehndi designs also have some traces of Arabic and Indian patterns. It is dark in color as well. This specific design is in high demand usually and it follows an order in size. As shown in the picture, the first V-shaped pattern is situated near the wrist. The next V-shaped design is bigger than the first one and is seen in the middle of a hand. Both of the V-shaped patterns connect with each other with the dotted lines. The fingers also complement the design and are in the same tone. As for the rest of the hand, it is empty. This empty space allows the design to look symmetrical.

12- Gemstone Mehndi Design


Gemstone Mehndi Design

This is another one of the mehndi designs which have floral patterns. If you want to go all-out with your mehndi, then this design is for you. The outer part of the mehndi is in a dark color as compared to the inner design. Since this is a gemstone design, your hands will go all blink.

13- Delicate Mehndi Design


Delicate Mehndi Design

This design exudes simplicity and subtlety. It is very elegant and simple to make. But even with the simplicity, skills are required to successfully complete it. Actually, the idea of this mehndi design is taken from the Arabic mehndi designs. The super-slim lines are Arabic in essence and they create a lasting impression.

14- Elaborate Mehndi Design


Elaborate Mehndi Design

This design is not for adults but for young women. The reason for this is because it’s girlish and feminine. Another thing about this design is that it falls somewhere between modern and traditional designs. It comprises different motifs which range from leaves to intricate flowers. However, there is no overcrowding in the design and much gap is left to make it look neat. The half chakras which can be seen along the wrist are responsible for joining the two separate designs. This is how the whole look of the design is created.

15- Bangle Floral Design


Bangle Floral Design

This mehndi design is really beautiful. The two crescents can be seen on both hands which join together to form a firm circle. The circle design can symbolize a lot of things for example life and death. The motifs of flowers look very delicate. The fingers are not left bare. They are furnished with detailed patterns too.

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