The Best Gents Kurta Designs Pakistani (2024 Collection)

Gents Kurta Designs Pakistani

Kurta which can also be called shalwar kameez is our national dress. We take pride and comfort in it which is why Pakistani men like to wear this attire. Kurta is an unrivaled and unbeatable formal dress. It is the best ethnic wear for men. Men unlike women do not have many options for looking the best. There are very few things that men can use to uplift their ensemble. This less privilege should not be bothered too much because numerous brands in Pakistan design clothes for men too. These brands are easily accessible through their stores and online websites. You can see their impeccable and stylish collections. As the seasons change, brands like Al Karam, Gul Ahmed, Nishat, Khaadi, and Bareeze reveal a separate collection for men as well. Their stocks are fresh and full of fine clothes. There are many designs that can be found in men’s kurta. This article will go through all of them in detail. It is important for men to choose a kurta that suits them and their preferences. If you want to get a fashionable, trendy and handsome look for yourself, see each design written below.

List of Top 16 Gents Kurta Designs Pakistani in 2022

Here, is a list of the top 16 latest collections of kurta designs for gents in Pakistan:

1. Plain Kurta Design

Plain Kurta Design

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This design is the most visible in the routine day-to-day attire. It is a casual, comfortable and laid-back look. This basic design can be seen in all colors. Choosing the right color for your ensemble is crucial to look the best. The overall look will enhance if you pick the shade which matches your personality and taste. However, there are general seasonal colors as well which even women opt for. The winter tones, for example, are grey, black, blue and brown. On the other hand, bright and vibrant colors such as orange and green are the summer shades. These shades will work the best in your favor. You can never go wrong with the ever-favorite seasonal colors.

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2. Kurta Design Excluding the Front Buttons

Kurta Design Excluding the Front Buttons

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There are many designs in which no front buttons are attached. While there are men’s kurta with the regular buttons, kurta without buttons are all the hype as well.

3. Kurta Design with Light Embroidery

Kurta Design with Light Embroidery

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If you want to showcase your fine taste of fashion, then a kurta with light embroidery is the perfect choice for you! A lot of Pakistani men prefer subtle and minimal embellishment on the neckline, button line, or collar. This embellishment is mostly embroidery but sometimes small crystals, pearls, gold dabka, Aarri work, thread work and Organza extensions are also added as well. Although the embroidery is light, it still becomes the highlight of the kurta. The color of the thread used for embroidery is usually the same as the shirt but sometimes the designers want to create a classic color contrast by choosing a different shade. Both are favored and liked by men wholeheartedly.

4. Kurta Design with Digital Printing

Kurta Design with Digital Printing

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If you want to choose a more bold, daring, raw and refined look for yourself, then you should pick the kurta with dynamic digital printing. Digital printing is so widespread and common in this day and age that it is seen not only in clothes but in bedsheets, curtains and accessories as well. Digital printing is a favorite technique of brands and designers to create a perfectly curated design. The design made by digital printing can not be compared with embroidery because it is on a higher level. However, some people have the misconception that this printing is only for female clothing because it looks feminine and sensual. But truth be told, it is not the case at all. The digital printing on men’s clothes is trendy and sophisticated which does not hint at femininity. Men should not shy away from this kurta otherwise they will be missing out on a lot. This design is popular in India as well. Male celebrities from around the world rock the digital printing-inspired clothes. If other men can do so why can’t you?

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5. Kurta Design with Fine Cutouts

Kurta Design with Fine Cutouts

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Cutouts are extremely famous for all kinds of clothes. They are one of the simplest ways to up the attire game. These cuts have diversity and can be achieved in all ways. A cut can be made from the side, in the middle, or throughout the border of the kurta. They look classic, stylish, and trendy. Generally, men’s kurta which has cuts are usually the ones with pockets that are convenient and add more benefits. They have uniquely shaped shoulders as well to give a distinct look.

6. Kurta with Bright Colors

Kurta with Bright Colors

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These kurta are slowly becoming more and more popular as men are embracing different shades. Gone are the days when men used to completely avoid the colors which are seen as feminine such as red and pink. Young men especially love to wear these and all types of shades to stand out in the crowd. The selection of color can be based on the type of occasion if there is any for instance eid, wedding or any event. However, they can be worn on other routine days too. The most famous shades for men’s kurta are green, yellow, purple, orange, magenta and blue.

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7. Kurta Design with Collars

Kurta Design with Collars

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To make a kurta more prominent, the easiest way is to work magic on the collars. A lot of kurtas are seen in the market which has elegant and basic designs at the collars. These designed configurations look heavenly on the neck area. Usually, the kurtas with collar work have no other design on the rest of the shirt but since simplicity is the best, there is a lot of demand for these kurtas in Pakistan.

8. Kurta Design with Heavily Decorated Collars and Neckline

Kurta Design with Heavily Decorated Collars and Neckline

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This design is for those men who do not want to look mainstream and basic. Heavy embroidery on the neckline and collars captures the true vision of ethnicity. A certain amount of beads, pearls, sequences or even tassels can be attached with the embroidery work. This type of kurta can be coordinated with a decent shalwar to complete your perfect masculine ensemble. You will look fine enough to walk on the fashion runway.

9. Kurta Design Paired with Waistcoats

Kurta Design Paired with Waistcoats

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If you want maximum elegance, prop a waistcoat on top of your kurta. This simple trick will turn your whole ensemble into a complete, wholesome and perfect attire. The most amazing thing about a waistcoat is that it can be worn to a meeting or even a traditional event. You can even find separate waistcoats in the market with your kurta.

10. Kurta Design for Winters

Kurta Design for Winters

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It is a known fact that the fabrics for winters are different than the ones of summer. This is because the selection of fabrics depends on the season. As the weather changes, the demands of clothing needs are changed as well. People want warm and comfortable stuff to wear in the chilly winter blues. The materials of Khaddar and silk are the most common in winters as they keep you warm and snug. Therefore men should have kurtas according to all weathers in their wardrobe so that they can look stylish in every season.

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11. Kurta for Men in Black Color

Kurta for Men in Black Color

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Black color is very liked and favored in Pakistan which is why black kurta deserves a spot on this list. Men love wearing black just as much as women do. This color looks very beautiful, sophisticated and modern on guys. The vibe of a black kurta is alluring and overwhelming. This is why every Pakistani man wants to have a smoothly stitched and nicely designed black kurta in their wardrobe. They are perfect for a casual or fancy look.

12. Kurta for Men in Light Shades

Kurta for Men in Light Shades

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Nothing says basic and laid back as a light-colored kurta. In fact, this is considered the most important essential in every man’s wardrobe. When you are not in the mood to think about what to wear, take a kurta with light shade. It will look great no matter where you are. The most common light colors seen in kurtas are off white, beige, light grey, taupe, teal, and light brown. You can see the markets flooded with them.

13. Kurta for Men on Wedding

Kurta for Men on Wedding

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While women have so many choices of clothes to choose from to wear at weddings, men are surely limited. However, the styles which are available to men are outstanding as well. They are fashionable, vibrant, and perfectly designed kurtas which are the best for weddings or any traditional event. These formal wear attires are the definition of ethnic clothing. A heavily embellished neckline, broad collars, and sequenced cuffs are all the hype in weddings. Many more designs are available for fancy wear.

14. Kurta Design with Motifs

Kurta Design with Motifs

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Motifs, patterns, and other shapes are not restricted to women only. So many kurtas are adorned with big and small motifs which look fabulous on kurtas. Even a single big motif can be enough designing. Motifs radiate confidence and a youthful vibe. It also makes you look distinct and unique so that you do not look like everyone else.

15. Kurta for Men with Shoulder Lapels

Kurta for Men with Shoulder Lapels

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Although this design is not seen every day and is very rare, it is still handsome and unique. There are Pakistani men who opt for integrated shoulder lapels. It is a perfect choice if you want to look youthful and poised. You can purchase one from any kurta shop around you.

16. Kurta Design for Men with Buttons

Kurta Design for Men with Buttons

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As mentioned earlier, there is a choice for buttons or the absence of buttons. However, there is not a restriction on the placement of buttons on the neckline only. For example, you can search for a kurta with buttons on the cuffs or the front pockets. This is because they can be added at the other places on the kurta as well. This makes the kurta distinct and elaborate. This will be a creative twist to the normal and regular style of kurtas that are seen every day.

Have you found your favorite design? The fashion industry of Pakistan is thriving with these kurta designs. The brands are doing their best to create the best looks for men. They are meant to offer a lasting impression on whoever sees you wearing a stylish kurta. These designs are fabulous choices for all kinds of occasions and places. Whether it is festive or casual, winter or summer, these designs will never let you compromise on your style. But whatever design you choose, wear it in such a way that it will maintain your personal style. The kurtas have considerably evolved in definition, style, and vision but it still reflects the ethnic, basic and traditional sense. Since the Pakistani fashion industry is displayed and loved overseas as well, kurtas are in big demand in other countries such as India and the middle east.

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