Little Girl Wedding Dresses in Pakistan – 2024 Collection

Little Girl Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

Are you in search of the perfect little girl wedding dresses in Pakistan? Have you found a dress for your beautiful princess? If not, you have arrived at the right place. This article will carefully list out all the wedding frocks designs that are specifically for little girls. Wedding shopping for little children is very challenging and even more if you have a little princess to dress. Nowadays, little aged girls wear frocks the most at weddings and other festive occasions. These frocks are adorned with embellishments, decorations, laces, bows, flowers, and much more. These accessories on the frock will suit your little girl.

The best thing about frocks is that they can be worn on mehndi, walima, and throughout the wedding. This fashionable collection will make your little angel stand out from the crowd and steal everyone’s attention. All the types, designs and styles which are found in the small-sized wedding dresses range are assembled in this article. There are so many choices to choose from.

The 10 Best Little Girl Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

Let’s have a look at these glamorous and attractive little girls wedding dresses in Pakistan!

1. Wedding Frocks for Little Girls in Pakistan

Wedding Frocks for Little Girls in Pakistan

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If you are a mother who has ever shopped for her little one, you must be aware of the fact that the market is flooded with beautiful frocks for small girls. These frocks can be simple or fancy but since we are searching the frocks for wedding attire, we will focus on that particular category. Shopping for some girls is a fun-filled activity which takes an abundance of our interest. The wedding frocks are pretty outfits that are unrivaled. You will want to buy all the frocks in the stores or markets if you visit just once. The choice to select one is very difficult.

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2. Pakistani Wedding Frocks for Little Girls with Pictures

Pakistani Wedding Frocks for Little Girls with Pictures

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The following images are selected to showcase all the designs found on the wedding frocks for little girls. They are mostly fully embroidered and heavily embellished. However, they are surprisingly very easy to carry even for little girls. This shows that they are both comfy and fashionable. They are made rich with exciting color combinations and arrive in a plethora of styles. You can select your favorite picture of Pakistani wedding frock design to create a glamorous look for your small princess. Your daughter will easily become the little queen of the wedding function. In case your daughter is below the age of 1 or is simply a toddler, opt for a frock that is not very frilled. Moreover, determine the quality of the fabric. You have to make sure that the fabric is soft and smooth so that the skin does not get irritated. If your daughter falls asleep, it will be very difficult to carry them in your arms while they are loaded with a heavy wedding dress. See the following designs which will look great on your daughter.

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3. The Designs and Styles Found in Wedding Frocks

The Designs and Styles Found in Wedding Frocks

After going through the above pictures, you must have a clear idea on the types of wedding frocks available in Pakistan and how each one of them looks. In case you have decided which design would be the best for your daughter, it is now the perfect time to go to the second stage which is the selection of styles. Luckily for you and all other mothers, Pakistan has a rich fashion taste that offers a wide variety of options in fabrics, designs, styles, colors and all the aspects of clothing. So coming back to the wedding frocks styles for little girls, one can find the following options.

  • Silk Jacquard fabric
  • Cotton fabric
  • Velvet fabric
  • 3D printing
  • Embroidery details
  • Gold dabka, Aarri work and thread work, Tilla, Kora stones
  • Laces and borders
  • Embellishments on neckline, sleeves and front of the shirt
  • Floral patterns
  • Digital printing
  • Net fabric
  • Sequins
  • Gemstones
  • Crystals and beads

These styles are some of the basics which you will find in the market. Although some of them are actually styles for grown women, it does not mean that young girls can not wear them. Just make sure that you choose a soft and smooth fabric so that their sensitive skin does not get irritated. You do not want your daughter to scratch herself from the fancy clothes because it will cause rashes. Moreover, it is best to cut the sleeves off as their underarms might hurt.

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4. Wedding Gowns for Little Girls

Wedding Gowns for Little Girls

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The wedding frocks can be assembled in the form of baby gowns too! This style is paired with equally attractive color and design. For instance, the front open gown frock is very popular. There are numerous Pakistani brands that offer wedding dresses for little girls as well. You can visit their official website or personally go to their stores to see the amazing collection. However, this does not mean that you it is compulsory to buy from designer brands because you can make such a gown frock yourself. Otherwise, your tailor can do a perfect job for you as well. You can also alter the stitching or design of the dress after you buy from a brand. Look below to find the gown frocks in pictures.

5. Plain Parachute Frocks

Plain Parachute Frocks

These simple and basic-shaped frocks have a parachute cut. They are best for babies who can not walk yet or who have to lie in cots. It is an easy, to-the-point and stylish wedding frock. If you want your little one to look fabulous but want a dressing that is easy to babysit, this plain parachute frock is for you. You can add motifs or sequins to make it even more beautiful. You can see this parachute frock design below.

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6. Frilled or Layered Frocks

Frilled or Layered Frocks

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This type of wedding frock is perfect for toddlers, babies who crawl, and below 5 years old girls. Nothing can beat the frills and layers. The stylish layers are cute and glamorous. Another benefit of this style is that it can hide the diaper so that no embarrassing moment takes place. The edges have a tight peeko. This detail offers the best flare so that your daughter can twirl around in the frock. The frilled frocks are adorned with motifs, beads, crystals and floral designs which increases the beauty. You can make your little princess wear an inner shirt made of a soft fabric so that the frock does not irritate the girl’s delicate skin.

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7. Long Length Princess Frocks

Long Length Princess Frocks

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This is the most favorite and famous wedding frock design for young girls. This particular frock makes your daughter resemble a real-life princess. Every little girl is fond of Disney princesses and the frocks of all the princesses which is why when she wears the frock herself, she feels ecstatic. There is no reason not to go for this frock design. If you are ready to dress your girl in this frock, then make sure to choose pastels such as red, pink, grey, maroon, blue and golden. These shades look heavenly and divine on this frock style. You will not believe your eyes when you see your girl dressed in this long-length princess frock design. If you want to see how beautiful it actually is, see the pictures below.

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8. Anarkali Frocks

Anarkali Frocks

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This frock design is for those who want to integrate the Eastern ethnic background in the small girl’s dress. Although the Anarkali frock is not a common choice, it still looks attractive due to the traditional vibe. If you want the best Anarkali frock, opt for a laced or embroidered frock with matching dupatta and pajama. See the following pictures for a better idea.

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9. Angrakha Frocks

Angrakha Frocks

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This is also a traditional and conventional frock design. It is more appealing and attention-grabbing than the Anarkali frocks. This frock is sequined along with a dori. The best color combination is pink, white and blue.

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10. Cape and Poncho Shirt with Frock

Cape and Poncho Shirt with Frock

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This is the last one on the list but it is a true slayer. The cape and poncho style is beautiful. You can completely convert it into a frock by adding an elastic band on the waist area. Although it can not be strictly termed as a frock, it still falls in the same category. The bat sleeves and the perfect flared border are the highlights of the frock. If you are confused or even overwhelmed with the selection of color palette, you can blindly trust the orange, red, blue, pastels, pink, yellow, or green shades as they are considered a part of the traditional wedding attire. Select the below color combination if you are still unsure.

Color Combinations:

  • Elegant Pink and golden
  • Purple with either yellow or green
  • Stylish Silver and red
  • Red and blue
  • The classic black and white

Style Tip

Whatever you choose for your little princess, always remember to pick the accurate size. This tip is crucial because a lot of mothers choose one size bigger than the actual size of their daughter. They usually fold the extra cloth and sew it inside. Actually, mothers are in the greed of saving the dress for future use by picking a larger size. They think of making the little girl wear the same dress next year. This makes the dressing look weird, out of place and awkward not to mention that it will make your little girl uncomfortable. She will not be able to carry the dress properly with grace. Therefore never think of doing this mistake. You can make a dress reusable by altering the design, changing the stitching, and giving it a twist to update the current look. You can do these changes and altering even at the last minute because it is easy, simple, and to the point.

Another styling tip is to determine the type of bottom which would go with the wedding frock. Mostly the frocks are sold as a one-piece which means the responsibility of deciding the bottom design falls on your shoulders. However, pajamas and leggings can go with almost all of the frocks. These are excellent options because of their flexibility and comfort. Your daughter will not feel stuck in their frocks and will be able to walk confidently.

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Wrapping it up

So this was the comprehensive and detailed information on all the types and designs for the wedding frocks of little girls and you should have to be aware of top kids brands in Pakistan as well. Hopefully, by now you have updated information regarding the wedding frocks in Pakistan. If you have even picked out a particular design of frock for your precious girl, you can see the pictures from the article and create the look exactly the same. But remember to keep your mind open regarding the other frock designs because you might need them sometime. Dress your princess up in a glamorous frock to add magic to the wedding!

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