Simple Mehndi Designs for Fingers – Top Picks for 2024

Finger Mehndi Design

Hearing the word Mehandi, you start imagining color hands, beautiful fingers, and the sweet smell of nostalgia. At least, this is what Mehandi is for me. The word Mehndi is the modern term for Henna. The art that you create with Henna is called Mehandi. What makes Mehndi and Henna so special? Its colorful history, its religious standing, and the fact that it reflects happiness and blessing are what make it so special.

It has been a symbol of prosperity in India and Pakistan, but now Mehandi has taken over the west as well. They regard Mehandi as temporary body art. Some DIY Youtubers have also used Mehandi to create fake freckles and to be honest it’s a great idea, even if you go wrong it will fade away in a week.

Though there are many Mehandi designs that one can go for what we have today is the most amazing design, why it’s so amazing? Well, it’s for both, Mehandi lovers as well as people who don’t really like Mehandi but apply it as an obligation. Yes, we are talking about the delicate finger Mehandi designs. Let’s start inspiring, shall we?

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Simple Mehndi Designs for Fingers – Beautiful Collection for Girls

Simple Mehndi Designs for Fingers

You remember the time when Mehandi use to dominate everything. Girls, kids even aunties used to have hands full of Mehandi. No space was left empty; there was Mehandi in every nook and cranny. Well, that time is long gone, it’s become a thing of past. Today the designs have evolved and changed for better. Ladies don’t have time to sit for hours at end to get their hands painted with Mehandi, they don’t have time for it to dry and they certainly don’t have time painstakingly scratch it off. A good Mehandi is also scratched off; if you wash it, you will mess up the color and the design for sure.

Albeit the fact that Mehandi is still the love of young girls, things have changed a lot regarding the many designs of Mehandi. The change has been pretty gradual, but it’s ultimate. The recent unique and delicate designs have been appreciated as well as loved by all, no matter what age.  Getting only your fingers done, leaving the whole hand vacant does add a very chic look to your hand. What I find most intriguing is the fact that half-done hand looks way more beautiful than fully loaded Mehandi hands.

Here are some great inspirations that you can try out if you are thinking to follow the most recent madness of finger Mehandi design. Let’s begin with our count of most popular finger Mehandi designs of the year 2022.

1. Shaded Glory

Shaded Glory Finger Mehndi Design

Adding shades to your Mehandi will contour your fingers beautifully. It’s nothing different than contouring your face. By contouring you make your face look slimmer, by contouring with Mehandi you can make your fingers look even more impressive. When the Mehandi dries off, with a shaded design, you are left with an array of light and dark colors that dance in your fingers. Can there be anything more mesmerizing than this? I think not.

Not all Mehandi artists can pull an impeccable shaded design; you need to be very professional with your art to pull off a perfect shaded design. Word to the wise, if you are going for the shaded glory, make sure the artist you choose knows what she is doing. As you need extremely steady hands to shade between the lines and design that you are making.

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2. Lace Work

lace work finger mehndi design

Laces and webs are the most delicate wonders when it comes to designing. Lacework is the most sophisticated of the arts in clothing as well as knitting. Whenever you add lacework to anything, it becomes elegant as well as graceful instantly. Mehandi is no different; lacework is, again, a very delicate design to attempt. Only a professional can work the perfect lace on your hand and make it look exceptional.

Though lacework is added to the finger Mehandi design it’s more than that. Apart from fingers, the lace will cover half of your hand as well. This is what makes the design so sensuous. Either you choose to add a bail (vine) or just cover the fingers, it’s all on you. The crisscross lines with a dot here and a dot there, placed symmetrically is how you create the lace. It has to be very thin and delicate, or there is no pint in doing a lace. The end result, after the Mehandi washes off, is more beautiful than any other Mehandi design you will ever see.

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3. Elegant Motifs

Elegant Motifs finger mehndi design

Those who think that Mehandi only looks good when you have every inch of your hand cover couldn’t be any wrong. There are many designs that look great even when they aren’t covering the whole hand. One of those designs is the simple motif one. You can add a motif here and a motif there, then link them through heart chains and create your own design. This is the easiest way of creating the simplest finger design ever. Any artist can do it; if you are a novice artist, you can use this design to make your technique better and your Mehandi art neater.

Another benefit of choosing the motif designs i that there are a huge variety of motives that you can choose for, and also the fact that you can merge any design with these motives.

4. Flowers and Swirls

flowers finger mehndi designs

No matter what the season is or what the material is, floral prints are always in, Mehandi is the same; some designs aren’t complete without adding a flower here or there. Creating a finger design with a floral pattern is very easy and also less time consuming; if you make the flowers small and delicate, it will dry off very quickly as well. If you are looking to add a little extra feminine charm to your fingers, floral is the way to go.

5. Delicate Tips

Delicate tips finger mehndi design

For those who really don’t want much, filling in the tips is the perfect solution. You can draw a half-circle or a triangle or even a box and just fill in it. This will create a simple tip colored design that looks so cool and traditional. This is what the ancient ladies used to do when no designs of Mehandi existed, and they would just dunk their fingers in Henna and let it be. This design may be simple but it looks extremely beautiful.

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6. Line, Stripes, and Whatnot

line stripes finger mehndi design

There is absolute calm in predictable lines; they either go back or forth, up or down. This is the beauty of the lines. Clean and clear, you don’t need to be much of an artist to create a simple design of lines and stripes.

Add a pattern of leaves and color the borders, and you will end up with a very cool design on your fingers. Solid colored tips and lined designs is a great pattern for fingers only Mehandi.

7. Dotted Chains

dotted chains finger mehndi design

You can make any design look even cool by adding dots to it. Geometrical designs, motives, flowers or swirls, anything can be made more vibrant and lively by adding a chain or bail (vine) of dots. These dots will look very charming when the Mehandi washes off. These dots also dry fast, so it’s great for moms as well as working ladies who always have a lot on their plates to think about Mehandi.

8. Old Traditions

old traditional mehndi design

Mehandi has been a part of auspicious occasions for a long time. You can link Mehandi to ancient Arabs as well as Hindus. So what was it like back then? Well, after a lot of research, we have uncovered that the Arabs living in hot desserts used to lap it all over their palms to keep their body cool. Not only that they used to lap Mehandi on the feet as well.

Nowadays, if you want to go for the traditional designs, start with painting your tips, adding a flower at the end, and them making the circle. This is the best way to mimic the traditional design yet keeping it contemporary.

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9. Full Finger Design

Full Finger Mehndi Design

You love Mehandi, and you can help but get a fully loaded hand. But if you want to go for the contemporary fingers style and also keep your passion for Mehandi intact, you should definitely go for a fully loaded Mehandi design.

It’s the best design for people who love the color and the smell of Mehandi. A fully loaded design emphasizes the fingers and long nails.

10. Graceful Five

graceful five finger mehndi design

A beautiful and delicate pattern with a monotonous design is what we call graceful. To have long nails, painted perfectly and adorned with graceful Mehandi design is a great way to celebrate Eid, wedding as well as any auspicious event.

Even if you are the bride to be, you can wear this design and make a huge statement about your artful taste for Mehandi design. In the world full of brides boasting loaded Mehandi design, you will surely look like a breath of fresh air.

 11. Descending Design

Descending finger mehndi design

Like a chandelier that starts on top and ends at the bottom, this too is a mesmerizing design that starts at the top and ends where you want it to. With a descending design, you start with heavy tips, gradually coming down with lighter ends. The beauty of this design is that it looks like a cascading waterfall that pools at the bottom in terms of crystal clear lake. You can add a wrist band to complete the design if you please, but the descending design looks great on its own.

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12.  Unique Objects

Unique Objects finger mehndi design

You have heard of floral prints, geometric shapes, lines, and leaves. These are the simple designs that we all get in our Mehandi, but lately, many other objects have surfaced. It’s easy for a Mehandi artist to draw a heart on two fingers, so when the fingers come together, the heart completes and looks great. But this is usual, what’s unusual is having two faces looking at each other. So when the fingers meet the couple completes.

Or you can draw peacocks or wedding bells or even weddings instruments to make your fingers look more festive. Again, you will need a very professional artist to bring all this to life.

 13. The Ring

the ring finger mehndi design

Now, this is the most demanded among both, the engaged and the singles ladies. The design focuses on the ring finger, putting all the attention on that by keeping all the other fingers empty. You can pair this up with a beautiful floral bunch or just leave it like that. Either way, the design will get all attention to your ring finger. So, if you want to flaunt the fact that you are engaged, you don’t have to wear a ring if you have this Mehandi design in your mind.

14. The Vine

the vine finger mehndi

To have a delicate bail (vine) linking to any finger design is also a great way to adopt the finger Mehandi design. Again your whole hand will stay empty apart from the bail and the fingers. You can make this design as heavy or light as you can. You can have as much fun with design as you can. Use your imagination to create fun bails and matching finger designs.

You can also go one step forward and create a wristband to support your bail. This will create a balance and will also make your hand look great. This is a very common design; it’s also the one that every Mehandi artist can do. So, if you choose this design, you are in the safe zone, nothing will go wrong with your Mehandi, and you will end up with a very popular design that everyone will love.

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Finger Mehandi design may seem difficult, but they are really just the innovation and evolution of Mehandi. Fashion is like that; you can’t just keep repeating things because that’s how they have been all along, and change is a must. Get inspired with these stylish fingers Mehndi designs and have your own mehndi designs for eid to look more gorgeous for your loved ones.

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