Top 15 Jewellery Brands in Pakistan

Top 15 Jewellery Brands in Pakistan

Jewelry is a significant part of a woman’s life. Every woman likes jewelry and has specific jewels stocked in her closet for all occasions. Whether it is a wedding, traditional event, party, or a simple hangout with friends. Simply put, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. This is why there are so many Jewellery Brands in Pakistan everywhere. It can be a difficult decision to choose between so many different places. Moreover, there can be many preferences for jewelry because some women love gold while others have a thing for silver. Diamonds are very popular too. Similarly, artificial jewelry is famous for young girls. However, this article covers all the best jewelry brands which Pakistani women love in the country. By simply going through the content of this article, your selection process will become easy. So without further ado, let’s dive into the best jewelry brands of Pakistan.

The 10 Best Gold Jewelry Brands in Pakistan

1. Hanif Jewellers

Hanif Jewellers

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This brand can be easily recognized for being the ultimate luxury hub for top-notch jewelry. You can see sensational and beautiful jewelry in their collection. They also have amazing watches. It was established 4 decades ago and since then it has become a household name that is known by every Pakistani. They offer intricate, fine, and unique jewelry pieces which can look great on every woman. Their gold jewelry collection is classic as well. Moreover, Hanif Jewellers also boast top-quality gemstones and diamonds which are unrivaled. All of their collections and ranges boast dazzling and stunning pieces. If you are searching for the best accessories and statement jewelry, you will not be disappointed by this brand. You can find something wonderful for each occasion, event, and even daily wear for routine so that you can dress up like a princess. Their address is as follows.

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2. Damas Jewellers

Damas Jewellers

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Damas is known as a top destination jewelry brand in Pakistan. It is not only present in our country but in the Middle East as well. They create their jewelry pieces with utmost perfection, care, and interesting way. Their products are delicate and beautifully crafted. No woman can stop glancing and staring at their artistic pieces. Since it is a broad and multinational brand, it is only natural to know that Damas Jewellers has more brands under its name. These sub-brands have neat and categorized collections of jewelry of different types. A few names of the brands owned by Damas Jewellers are Forevermark, OneSixEight, and Vera. Forevermark boasts alluring diamonds and gold jewelry which are classic to look at. They are perfect for big and special events. Vera is the home of beautiful rings and earrings. These are created from semi-precious stones. Last but not the least, OneSixEight is the reservoir of classy and stylish diamonds.

3. Almas Jewellers

Almas Jewellers

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Almas is an influential and famous brand which was founded more than forty years ago. It is basically a versatile business owned by a family. It was established in Lahore in the year 1978 and now Almas Jewellers has reached as far as Dallas Texas in the USA. This wide popularity and success of the brand are well deserved.

The reason why the brand has earned a place in everyone’s heart is that its standards and quality are too high. But perhaps the products which became the initiative to success are the traditional wedding 3 piece bridal sets and Jahaiz sets. These jewelry sets make them stand out from the rest of the brands out there. Their other specialties include chokers, huge gold necklaces, and hanging earrings. These are the three best accessories of Almas Jewellers. Customers also love their gold lockets and bracelets.

4. Tesoro Jewellers

Tesoro Jewellers

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Tesoro is slowly becoming one of the best Pakistani jewelry brands. The quality of their products which also includes handbags and sunglasses is unrivaled. You can find both traditional and contemporary designs in their work. Beautiful ethnic jewelry and earrings can be found in their showcase. Most of their traditional jewelry is inspired by the Mughal era which makes it unique. Tesoro is a benchmark in all jewelry brands. If you want to look graceful and elegant with the latest jewelry designs, Tesoro is the place for you. Moreover, you will look completely royal with their traditional pieces. Top-notch ethnic jewelry including Kundan earrings, traditional jhumkay, Polki and Bali is inspired by the architectural design. The breathtaking decoration is done with multi-colored gemstones. Whether you wear gharara or the western style maxi at a wedding, their jewelry is in a diverse range to match all types of attires. Women love the Tesoro classic Bali and usually wear it on mehndi. Necklaces are available in many sizes and shapes. They are combined with gemstones and mirror gems.

5. ARY Jewellers

ARY Jewellers

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ARY is a trustworthy jewelry brand that all Pakistani women depend on. It presents fabulous necklaces, gold earrings, and rings. The unique aspect of ARY Jewellers is that they sell 18, 20, and 22 karats of gold pieces that are not found in any other brand. Moreover, they boast a flawless diamonds collection which is widely available in their stores in the cities of Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. You can shop their jewelry from their online website.

However many people are of the opinion that this brand should only sell gold jewelry apart from gemstones or silver because they are adept at creating good pieces. Therefore if you want any sparkle for a wedding, engagement, or anniversary, you should only choose from the vast ARY Jewellers collection.

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6. Afzal Jewellers

Afzal Jewellers

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Afzal Jewellers is a highly prestigious and popular brand in Pakistan. They have an award for Best Jewellers which they received in 2017 at the IPPA London. This brand should be your number one choice if you are in search of high-class diamonds or gold sets for the bride. The designers of the brand breathe finesse into each jewelry piece.

7. Rabia Mustafa

Rabia Mustafa

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This brand is well known for extraordinary artificial jewelry consisting of Kundan, zircon, Meenakari, and pearls. The jewelry sets are wholesome and astonishing. The specialties of Rabia Mustafa include single pearl earrings and stylish Kundan Jhumkay. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your budget because all the items are highly affordable. You can place your order online and they will be delivered quickly.

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8. Needles Jewellers

Needles Jewellers

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This brand was established in 2012. It is the top leading jewelry store that is based online. It boasts a diverse range of handmade pieces. Zirkon and Kundan are extensively used in their craft. Their bracelets are popular due to their shine and dazzle. The best thing about this brand is that women of any age can find something for themselves from their gleaming collection. All women can look beautiful and appealing by wearing Needles jewelry.

Since bracelets have become a high demanding and top-selling jewelry item, Needles have offered exquisite, beautiful, and attractive designs for bracelets. The customers are happy shopping from this brand because Needles have various price ranges so that anyone can purchase something according to their budget. You can get a bracelet for weddings, meetings, going to the workplace, routine and parties. They are all available in different materials such as silver, gold, rhodium, and platinum. A separate category of waterproof bracelets made of plastic is also available. You can wear them at a wet place such as a swimming pool. If you place your order on their website, they will deliver the jewelry to your location at affordable prices.

9. Patiala Jewellers

Patiala Jewellers

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This is another leading jewelry brand that is capable of fulfilling all your fashion dreams and wishes. It is the favorite of many Pakistani women and for obvious reasons as well. Their outlet in Islamabad showcases adorable, tiny, and cute button earrings. These earrings are coupled with matching pendants, bangles, and studs. Patiala Jewellers also boast intricate Karras and rings of solitaire. They present sets of earrings and bangles. You should treat yourself to their beautiful earrings. It is a must-visit whenever you go to Islamabad. You can trust this brand with your eyes closed.

10. Solitaire Jewellers

Solitaire Jewellers

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If you have a permanent place in your heart for diamonds, then it is best advised you shop from Solitaire Jewellers. This place offers exquisite diamond jewelry. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the brand the moment you walk into their outlet. Moreover, they present an impeccable collection having both huge rocks diamond and tiny cluster diamond. Many Pakistani women love the pearl cut diamond necklace and princess cut diamond earrings from Solitaire Jewellers.

5 New Silver Jewelry Brands in Pakistan

Although Pakistani women are most fond of gold jewelry in the traditional style, the new and younger generation of girls is breaking the old norms and getting more into silver than gold. Silver has been increasing in demand and many women are searching for top-class silver jewelry these days. If you want to know the best silver stores in Pakistan, keep reading.

1. Chandi Mahal Silver Jewelry

Chandi Mahal Silver Jewelry

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Chandi Mahal is a leading silver jewelry brand that was set in Nazimabad, Karachi. This brand has both everyday wear and party collection. And the best part of the brand is that it is highly affordable and in range for everyone. Chandi Mahal offers anklets, earrings, bangles, zircon bracelets, chooriyan and much more in their wide collection. Whatever you want to buy, this brand will definitely have it. You can view their collection and stuff from their Facebook page called “Chandi Mahal trendy silver jewelry store”.

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2. Hamna Amir Jewellers

Hamna Amir Jewellers

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This brand offers perhaps the most diverse and versatile collections to its customers. This includes diamond sets, bangles, pearls, diamond earrings, bridal sets, diamond rings, gold necklaces, bracelets, and much more. The unique craftsmanship of their jewelry includes the use of heavy gold and metalwork. Hamna Amir Jewellers also have amazing jewelry with colored Kundan which is perfect for traditional occasions and weddings. Their products are interwoven with enamel and are beautifully designed. The designs for each piece are attention-grabbing and attractive. Their customer service is top-notch. The incorporation of beautiful stones in their work is praiseworthy.

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3. Jewelex


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Jewelex is a famous and enticing brand that has sensual silver jewelry. It is obvious that women can not wear gold all the time. This is why silver is perfect for routine wear. The accessories of silver are feminine, easy to wear, and beautifully crafted. A lot of young girls love wearing silver studs and silver rings. Jewellex has been delivering top-notch products for more than 20 years. They have showered women with delicate designs and quality. Although they do create gold jewelry, silver is their specialty.

4. Zaheen Kamran

Zaheen Kamran

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This is another famous jewelry brand that was established by Zaheen Kamran. The founder is a graduate of PIFD. Their jewelry pieces have amazing metalwork and are handcrafted. The use of rhodium and 22-carat gold is frequent too. In this way, Zaheen presents both ethnic and modern designs. Moreover, he uses semi-precious gemstones and pearls to make the pieces more unique. More than 50 artisans are employed in the various cities of Pakistan for the production of jewelry. These artisans are adept at Kundan, Sada Kari, Polk, Madrasi, and Jarao styles. These experts are known for excelling at the traditional techniques of jewelry which have been in use for centuries. These techniques reflect our traditional cultural heritage. Both the gold and silver jewelry are high class.

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5. Glare Jewels

Glare Jewels

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This is another trustworthy and dependable brand. They create formal party wear, silver sets, Kundan Jewelry inspired by the Mughal era, and much more. The old aesthetics and ancient style are seen in their work. For instance, the architectural metallic work, gold links, heavy metal, and much more are reminiscent of the old days. You can easily slay your wedding look by wearing traditional jewelry.

Hopefully, this covers all the leading brands of jewelry in Pakistan. You must have selected your next place to buy some sparkle! Waste no time in purchasing amazing jewelry for yourself.

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