Famous Children’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Famous Children’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Just until a few years ago, getting clothing, in general, would be quite a time-consuming task, let alone find good, up to date clothing for children. This is one of the main reasons why most of us grew up wearing questionable fashion – yes we’re looking at you, high neck sweaters under summer clothes! As time went on, the Pakistani fashion industry changed and grew by ten folds, today, the options are nearly endless. This makes it hard to weed out the good brands from the bad and when it comes to dressing your children, you wouldn’t want to take a risk with getting something that’s bad quality as kid’s clothing tends to need several more washes than adults would. In order to help you save money and get the most bang out of your buck, we have put together a list of the most famous children’s clothing brands in Pakistan. We will be going over everything about these brands, what they offer and their price ranges!

List of Top 10 Children’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan

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Following is the list of famous children clothing brands in Pakistan having a wide selection of kids clothes:

1. Pepperlands


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Pepperlands is a kid’s wear line that stems from its parent company “Beechtree” and is one of the most well-known names when it comes to kid’s clothing. The vision behind Pepperlands is lots and lots of colour. Inspired by the 70s, all of their clothing is kept vibrant, they want their customers to enter their stores and think of rainbows seeing their collections. What’s unique about Pepperland is that they are a type of brand for those parents that want their children to be wearing something totally unique, this is because they come out with at least 5 new designs every single week!

Pepperland makes clothing for children, both boys, and girls, from 3 months all the way up to 14 years old. Their collections are one of the most thorough ones on the market, here you can find everything starting from innerwear to casual and formal clothing down to socks. Their clothing ranges from PKR 900 – PKR 3,000 for the usual collections. Giving Pakistani parents access to modern designs for a pretty reasonable price.

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2. Monsoon Children

Monsoon Children

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Monsoon has been in the clothing game since 1973. This is a brand that isn’t really based in one specific place, depending on the design, the company recruits artisans from various different parts of the world and gets the clothing made from them. Their constant support of small scale artisans and the fact that they ensure that they recycle as much as they possibly can make Monsoon one of the most conscious and sustainable brands that exist today.

Monsoon’s children’s clothing starts at newborn sizes and goes up to 15 years old. Then, they have collections for “older girls” that carry clothing for girls 16 and above. Monsoon’s children’s clothing is priced at the higher end of the spectrum. The prices range from anywhere between PKR 5000 all the way up to PKR 18000, depending on the type of clothing but the quality of the pieces is so good that most parents just use them for one child and then save them to use as hand-me-downs for all of their younger children later on – making the high prices more worth it. While other parents tend to save up and buy more special occasion outfits like fancy birthday dresses for girls that are super popular and very hard to find in high-quality fabrics and designs.

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3. Alkaram Studio – Kids

Alkaram Studio - Kids

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Even though Alkaram studio is commonly known for their impeccable designs for adults, they have managed to make quite the mark when it comes to children’s clothing as well. The main theme of Alkaram studios is to make aesthetically pleasing, ethnically inspired clothing that is designed specifically for Pakistani people. Their children’s clothing is no different, the bulk of their collections focus on making eastern wear for kids. This includes 1 piece, 2 piece, and even 3 piece outfits that are all ready to wear and super trendy. Many of these designs also come as a matching set with an adult size too, perfect for the mommy and me photo ops that can be pretty hard to match outfits for. Eastern wear isn’t all they make though, Alkaram studio – kids also have several western-style dresses, t-shirts, and pants in their collections too, giving everyone at least a few options in the type of clothing they are looking for.

Alkaram Studio – Kids make clothing for kids aged 2 years to 13 years old. Their clothes are priced in the lower range, you can easily find various pieces that start at prices as low as PKR 850 and can go up to PKR 5,000.

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4. Mushrooms


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Even though most of us already know Mushrooms as a kidswear brand, it didn’t start off that way. Mushrooms are the same company that used to be “Fashion Inn” 30 years ago and then turned into the infamous home linens company “Quiltex”. In 1992, they decided to give kidswear a try and introduced it by holding exhibitions all over Pakistan and received an insanely good turnout. Their customers were so obsessed with their clothing that they demanded that Mushroom be available to them all year round and so, since 1993, Mushrooms has slowly opened their outlets all over Pakistan and have now become a brand that almost every Pakistani parent trusts.

Their vision is to create clothing that is both fashion-forward and modest at the same time. Their collections started off with just western style t-shirts for girls, jeans, leggings, and dresses but with the increasing demand for eastern wear for kids, they started including full eastern wear collections by 2012 as well. Their clothes are made for kids 1-year-old to 14 years old and their prices start as low as PKR 800 and usually go up to about PKR 2,000 for their regular collections.

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5. Diners Kids (D Juniors)

Diners Kids

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Since the early 90s, Diners has been one of the top choices for people when it comes to semi-formal and formal wear for adults. So it isn’t that surprising that their customers demanded that they also brand out kidswear so they could easily buy clothing for the entire household all in one place. When Diners finally decided to include a “juniors collection”, it created such a buzz that they made it permanent. Today Diners makes various kidswear collections that include, in western wear, t-shirts for boys, sweaters, jeans, dresses and shorts and, in eastern wear, kurtas and all kinds of shalwar kameez outfits.

Diners have managed to provide great quality clothing for children aged 1 year to 16 years old without the usual hefty price tag, their clothing started at around PKR 900 and goes up to around PKR 2,500.

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6. Ochre


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Even though there can be an overwhelming amount of clothes for little girls in Pakistan, most of these clothes are either really bad quality, or the shops just don’t carry unique or trendier designs. Ochre is a brand that specifically caters to the people that are dealing with this problem. They make clothing for kids aged 3 years all the way up to 16 years old. The thing that makes them different is that their designs aren’t very “childish”. They make super trendy clothes that are simple yet trendy and would match very well with their parents too.

One of the best things about Ochre is the fact that they make great formal wear too. This makes dressing your kids for Eids and weddings super simple! Their casual clothes are priced starting at PKR 900 and including the formals, the prices can go up to around PKR 7,000.

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7. Kayseria


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In the past few years, there has been a crazy shoot in demand for cute, tiny versions of the full-sized eastern wear clothes that are already available in the markets. Pakistani moms want their babies to match them and the ones living abroad want their children to identify with their roots as much as possible and this is the easiest to do by introducing your kids to Pakistani clothing first.

Kayseria is mainly a woman’s clothing brand but they recently dipped their toes into the children’s clothing market with their “Ladli” collections. In the ladli collection, they make clothing for girls starting at newborn sizes and go all the way up to 15 years old. After that their regular Kayseria collections carry smaller sizes to cater to the girls 16 and above.

The ladli collections have everything from tiny romper dresses to full 2 piece suits. Their clothing starts at about PKR 1,000 and goes up to PKR 10,000 for the fancier suits.

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8. Edenrobe


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Edenrobe is one of the biggest brands in Pakistan when it comes to clothing. They came out with their first designs back in 1988 and have been pioneers in the clothing industry. They were one of the first companies that also included a kidswear range and when they did, people just wanted more and more! What makes their clothing so attractive is the fact that they have very vibrant, colourful collections. They have stated that their design goal is to bring together “Colours, designs, fabrics and magic together”. All of the Edenrobe kids clothing is ready to wear. The convenience of just going to the store and picking out whatever you want in the colours that you’re looking for ends up saving parents a lot of time because they always have the surety that the clothes are going to be right on-trend.

Edenrobe makes clothing for children who are usually the hardest to dress, ages 2-12. The majority of the designs are for children 2-6 years old. Their price range starts very low, from PKR 750 only! And goes up to about PKR 2,000.

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9. “Little Darling” Zubaida’s Store

“Little Darling” Zubaida’s store

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Getting clothes for newborns can not only be difficult in Pakistan, but it tends to also get very very expensive. Most of the newborn clothing ends up either being handed me downs or has to be ordered from abroad. The founders of Zubaida’s noticed this gap in the market and decided that they were going to be the ones to fill it. Zubaida’s “Little Darling” store is all about everything you can possibly need to dress a newborn. From day 1 rompers to tiny mittens and socks, they stock it all! The best thing about them is that they don’t just stop at baby wear but also make clothing for older children, their sizes go up to 12 years old. If you’re looking for anything from T-shirts, jeans, hoodies to night suits, “Little darling” has it all under one roof.

Their prices start at the lower range, from PKR 900, and go up to PKR 4,000 depending on what you’re getting.

10. Gul Ahmed Kids

Gul Ahmed Kids

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Gul Ahmed has long been loved for being the go-to clothing brand for men and women in Pakistan. They don’t just make great quality clothing and carry beautiful collections, they also extended their brand to home goods, this only left one section, kidswear, so they added that in too. Gul Ahmed makes clothing for kids starting from 4 years old to 13 years old.

As most kidswear brands take the easy way out and go for mostly western wear for kids, Gul Ahmed goes the other way, their clothes are almost all eastern wear. The most popular of their designs are kurtis and ready to wear entire suits that are perfect for more formal occasions like weddings.

Gul Ahmed Kids clothing starts at around PKR 1,500 and goes up to around PKR 5,000 for the fancier sets.

So far we have gone over the Pakistani brands that are available in the markets today but if you’re someone that wants to find out more about the imported brands that make kids’ clothing and are available in Pakistan, below are our top 6!

Top 6 International Clothing Brands for Kids

Here is the curated list of the top 6 international clothing brands for kids available in Pakistan:

1. Disney Disney

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Disney is the one name that all children in the world jump up to hear. As they keep coming out with new movies that end up creating a huge fan base, they also set different standards for clothing. Kids all over the globe want that one special outfit that looks exactly like their favourite Disney character and who else can do that better than Disney themselves?

Disney makes all types of clothes for children featuring various characters from their movies and shows starting at newborn sizes and goes all the way up to 10 years old.

2. Boboli


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If you’re a parent that wants to dress their child in very trendy, edgy or unique clothing and keep them comfortable at the same time, Boboli might just be the one for you. Boboli clothing is made to be among the softest ones in the world! You don’t have to put your children’s clothes through several washes to get them soft, they come that way straight out of the bag! At Boboli, you can find everything from cute tiny rompers to leather jackets and coats, all under one roof.

Boboli kidswear carries clothing for newborns to children all the way up to 16 years old.

3. First Impression

First Impression

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As important as it is for children to dress in trendy clothes, many companies forget how difficult it can be to actually get kids into the trendy clothing. More often than not, the fashion comes well before functionality and leads to several pieces of clothing just ignored and hung up in closets. First Impressions is a brand that does things the other way around. Their clothing is mostly all snap buttons and slip ons, making them effortless (as effortless as it can be to dress a child) to put on your kids!

Their collections have everything from rompers for day 1 newborns to dresses, shoes, leggings and stuffies, making them a true one-stop shop for all your children’s essentials.

4. Red Tag

Red Tag

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Most of the international brands on our list are based in the US or the UK, Red Tag is a company that is based on this side of the world, in Asia. They have proved that western world countries aren’t the only ones that can make great clothing for children, they have put tons of research into what children in Asia need in their closets and have curated collections according to that.

Red Tag’s designs start at newborn and infant sizes and carry different collections including casuals, eid collections, back to school collection and denim wear for children up to 16 years of age.

5. Juniors


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While most of its competitors are older brands, Juniors was established in 2003 and has done so well that it has gained a spot in the best clothing companies for kidswear. They took inspiration from the way most millennials grew up, with questionable fashion and hilarious looking childhood photos. They wanted the newer generation of children to grow up wearing clothing that would still work and not look cringe when they would be all grown up. This is why their designs have more of a mixed era, timeless feel.

They make clothes for babies 0 months to 18 months old children from 2 years old all the way to 8 years old. After that, they would probably be old enough to start having a say in their fashion choices!

6. Kelly’s Kids & Baby

Kelly’s Kids & Baby

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Kelly’s kids wear has been in the children’s clothing industry for generations. They are one of those brands that parents remember wearing when they were kids and want to continue the tradition and introduce their kids to the same brand of clothes too. Since Kelly’s makes clothes for everyone, it makes it super convenient to just get clothes for the whole family in one go!

One of Kelly’s specialties is that they make the perfect holiday outfits. If your family is one of those that like to wear matching outfits on Halloween and thanksgiving, they have entire collections of the same exact outfits and even complimenting outfits that would look very nice in family photos!

Kelly’s clothing starts at baby sizes, 6 months old and goes up to include kids that are 7 years old.

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