Top Hair Color Brands in Pakistan

Hair Colour Brands in Pakistan

Grey hair is a nightmare for every woman. But this is not the only reason women dye their hair as fashion fuels this decision. Pakistani women have a range of hair color options, with international and local brands available. While most women stick to traditional colors like black or brown, there is a growing trend of women choosing brighter shades like red, blonde, and even blue. Here we look at some of the most popular hair color brands in Pakistan.

List of Best Hair Color Brands in Pakistan

The following are the best hair colors in Pakistan that deserve your attention.

1. Yoorganic Permanent Hair Color

Yoorganic Permanent Hair Color

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With a solid colour-fixing formula, this product offers a brilliant result. By covering grey hair, its modern kera repair innovation hydrates the hair. After the application, a smooth and natural look is achieved. Yoorganic is one of the leading permanent hair color brands in Pakistan.

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2. Keune Hair Colour

Keune Hair Colour

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Keune was founded in 1922 by J. M. Keune, and it is still one of the most demanding hair color brands. The top-rated brand has gained a stellar reputation and it is an expert at premium, effective hair care products for the beauty market in the global industry.

This international company sends its offerings to Pakistan. Keune is considered to be a professional stylist’s hair color brand. You can see products stacked on the shelves in many Pakistani salons.

With the Care Essential Mineral Complex and a commendable hair color collection, their products not only colors but nourish the hair at the scalp to enable the growth of healthy hair.

Keune is known to provide an unbelievable shine.  It sells a great range of gorgeous shades and each shade is natural yet beautiful.

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3. Framesi Framcolor Glamour

Framesi Framcolor Glamour

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Framesi Framcolor Glamour successfully provides complete coverage on the hair applied. The best thing about Framesi Framcolor is that there’s no intermixing engaged in covering grey hair because it is already pre-blended. Framesi sells more than 60 beautiful shades for you to pick from.

Another famous product line of this brand is Framesi Framcolor 2001. This provides around 103 various shades in hair colour variety. In 2001, there is the option to lighten up to 5 levels. All the shades sold under this product line are unfiltered base colors.

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4. Revlon Hair Color

Revlon Hair Color

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Revlon is a highly renowned cosmetic brand that was introduced in 1932. It offers a diverse variety of beauty products. Its hair color offerings are a cult favorite among women everywhere, which can be observed from the excellent reviews on the outcomes of using its products.

All of their customers are happy after applying their hair colors which are user-friendly and protect the hair from harm. Revlon currently provides 48 excellent shades that boast a natural look. It includes essential oils which boost the shine and health of hair.

The American brand exports its offerings to many countries at the global level. In Pakistan, Revlon hair color products are frequently used. Their versatile color range increases with a new shade each year to satisfy their precious customers, mainly if used with a combination of pure argan oil.

5. L’Oreal Hair Color

L’Oreal is perhaps the most trusted and famous beauty brand in the world. The French personal care brand was founded in 2010 and within a short period, it amassed a considerable following. L’Oreal presents a great variety of hair color products. They boast a whopping 120 breathtaking shades.

Their shades give complete coverage, are simple to use, long-lasting, protect the scalp, and resist fading. Due to so many options, it’s no wonder why women have L’Oreal AA as their priority.

Whatever hair coloring needs you may have, this brand professionally caters to them. Not only this, their hair colors improve the health and lustre of hair. Since L’Oreal Paris is a widely used brand in the country, you can buy its offerings from any store or cosmetic shop.

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L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme

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This is designed in such a way that shields and offers full coverage even for the most stubborn hair. The product is made by following a Pro-Keratine formula to shield the hair. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme is sold in the following amazing options:

  • 4 black shades
  • 13 blonde shades
  • 4 red shades
  • 16 brown shades

L’Oreal Paris Feria

L'Oreal Paris Feria

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To bring out the shine in your hair, L’Oreal has offered us, Feria. By employing Feria, you can transform your hair and make it eye-popping with unique colors. Feria is sold in the following options:

  • 9 brown shades
  • 7 blonde shades
  • 4 violet shades
  • 8 red shades
  • 5 black colors
  • 5 other shades, including smokey pink, smokey blue, rose gold, vintage teal, and dusty mauve.

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L’Oreal Paris Excellence Age Perfect

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Age Perfect

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This product is appropriate for women with at least 70% or more grey hair. Since this is a layered tone coloring product, you can expect flawless coverage with incredible highs and lows.

Like the Excellence Creme, Excellence Age Perfect is also developed by following the Pro-Keratine formula to shield the hair.

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Age Perfect is available in the following choices:

  • One brown shade
  • 3 blonde colors

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference

L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference

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With this product, you can expect long-lasting hair color coverage that will not fade for weeks. Superior Preference guarantees coverage from roots to tips.

The Care Supreme Conditioner, along with Shine Serum, allows you to boost the color vibrancy and provides the user with lustrous and healthy hair.

The L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference is available in the following choices:

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6. Garnier Hair Color

Garnier Hair Color

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Garnier is another top-rated French hair color brand offering their products in Pakistan. It is a subsidiary of L’Oreal Paris. It primarily excels at skin care and hair care products. This USA brand initiated work in the country in 2005 but has been active since 1904. Garnier Pakistan strives to offer premium quality offerings for all women.

They sell various cosmetic products but are most famous for hair care and color products. However, their hair colors are the best. In total, there are 18 gorgeous shades.

Garnier sells its impressive products in Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, and China. It is a reliable name to trust with your hair, and you can apply it on hair without any hesitation. Boasting excellent properties, it is also liked because of its affordability.

Garnier color naturals creme 5.52 chestnut hair color is perhaps the most popular choice from their inventory. The formula for this choice adds three primary essential oils – almond oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.

Moreover, their quality of not adding any ammonia does not inflict any damage to the hair and provides a gorgeous look for 8 weeks.

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7. Koleston Hair Colour

Koleston Hair Colour

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The Koleston hair colours brand makes hair vibrant and durable outcomes. The 1:1 ratio leads to a flawless and thick texture. Even the smell is very natural.

8. Igora Hair Color

Igora Hair Color

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Igora enjoys amazing reviews because it provides a salon-like experience. Many stylists recommend this product and professionals use it as well.

9. Olivia’s Hair Color

Olivia's Hair Color

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Olivia is a trendy beauty and cosmetic brand in Pakistan. Since being established in 1982, it has sold fine-quality products throughout Pakistan. Olivia is a leading brand in Pakistan selling hair colors and sulphate free shampoo.

Their variety is impressive and there are unique hair colors for grey hair, along with fashionable shades. The range includes 50 praiseworthy shades, all sold at budget-friendly price points, and each shade is meant for men and women who desire natural black or brown colors.

Olivia should be the only choice for people who can’t afford to buy from international brands. None of their hair colors has any sodium lauryl, which is the first cause of hair damage.

This reassures the user when they are applying hair color. One can easily use the colors in the comfort of their home with the brush sold with the product.

10. Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy Hair Color

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Burgundy is an excellent choice for women of all ages. It brings out beauty and is ideal for all seasons. There are many shades in burgundy itself and you can choose which one goes well with your lifestyle and skin tone.

11. Bremod Hair Color

Bremod Hair Color

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Bremod is a trustworthy brand of hair dyes and hair bleach. It’s used by many famous personalities and guarantees successful results.

12. Godrej Hair Color

Godrej Hair Color

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Godrej is high quality and affordable brand that is free of ammonia. Lots of colors are available in the Expert Rich cream. All shades are safe for the scalp and are user-friendly.

13. Wella Soft Color Hair Color

Wella Soft Color Hair Color

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Wella was founded in 1880 and aside from hair colors, it also provides hair color treatment. Many professional people throughout the world use Wella hair colors.

Their Koleston Perfect hair color boasts a very intense, flawless, and eye-popping color outcome. Around 115 stunning shades are available in their range.

This German hair care brand offers high-quality styling, hair care, and colorants. Wella has been working since 1880 and has gained tons of awards for premium services.

Their outstanding products instantly provide a glamorous look without harming your hair. Many professionals in Pakistan love using Wella products to satisfy their customers.

14. Wellaxa Pure & Natural Mehndi

Wellaxa Pure & Natural Mehndi

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If you don’t want hair dyes and are interested in natural henna, trust Wellaxa with this mission. Their mehndi is free of artificial colors and additives. They handpick henna leaves to make their product.

15. Black Rose Hair Color

Black Rose Hair Color

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This is another famous cosmetic brand in Pakistan. It was established in 2009 but soon amassed popularity in a very brief period of career. In essence, it is a haircare brand operating in Pakistan.

There are some branches of Black Rose in other countries too. Their hair products boast very high quality. A total of 6 striking shades are sold from their hair color variety. Black Rose adds citric acid, barium peroxide, and natural henna in their products so that your scalp and hair.

16. Dikson Hair Color

Dikson Hair Color

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This is another international beauty brand on this list. In Pakistan, their hair colors are very well received. Dikson offers great quality hair colors for all women.

It includes corn oil and aloe vera extracts to neutralize the chemical effects of dyeing. The hair color variety of Dupas contains 65 items.

17. Naturtint Hair Color

Naturtint Hair Color

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Naturtint is another international beauty brand that sells it’s hair colors throughout the world. Their products are famous as they do not add any parabens or ammonia.

Naturtint hair colors can also dye damaged and weak hair. Their impressive variety offers 29 gorgeous shades.

18. Clairol Hair Color

Clairol Hair Color

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Clairol is a famous hair color brand. This international company was founded in 1931, and they sell high-quality hair color products worldwide.

Their hair care products are famous as they don’t add any ammonia and parabens. Even if your hair is damaged, applying their products will still look beautiful on you.

19. Just For Men

Just For Men

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This brand sells beard dyes, hair dyes, and grey reduction products, especially for men. Millions of men trust their products for their beards and hair. With Just for Men, you can have excellent results for eight weeks. Their wide inventory will make you excited.

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20. Samsol


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Samsol hair colors are perfect for anyone who naturally wants dyeing with a conditioning effect. All types of hair care and colorizing treatments are available in their inventory.

21. Lisap Milano

Lisap Milano

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This brand not only colorizes but reverses the ageing of hair by anti-ageing hair colors. The outcome is a long-lasting and uniform shade even on mature hair.

22. Luvvel


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Luvel is famous for its hair dye shampoo that not only nourishes but avoids hair fall as well. Their latest USA technology formula is extraordinary to produce a praiseworthy collection.

23. Bigen


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Bigen presents different types of colorizing products to fulfil everyone’s preferences. The results are not great compared to top-tier brands, but they are still satisfactory.

24. Kala Kola

Kala Kola

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The last brand on the list is Kala Kola hair color, which only offers four shades, but people use them as a natural alternative to harmful products. It is free of ammonia, and makes the hair voluminous, strong, and shiny.

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