Best Shampoo In Pakistan (Buying Guide 2024)

Best Shampoos In Pakistan

Looking for the best shampoo in Pakistan for your hair but can’t figure out which one of the hundreds of options is the one for you? Our complete guide will help you understand the difference between shampoos and which one should you get for your hair type!

When we’re growing up, we just shower with anything that our moms buy for us. The classic “Family Size” shampoos were essential in every Pakistani home. Whatever would get our hair clean enough and be the best value for money, would make it onto our heads. But it can’t go on like that forever.

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when you have to start picking out your own toiletries, and for most of us, a shampoo and conditioner set is the most important purchase in this category.

Collagen Sulphate Free Shampoo - 1

You could get by with just buying any shampoo and conditioner and use it as you did growing up, but that won’t do your hair or scalp any favours. As we grow older, our skin sets into what it’s supposed to be. Just as people tend to forget that the skin doesn’t just end at the neck when you are going through skincare, it also doesn’t end at your hairline. Your scalp is skin too, and it’s very important to take care of it to have luscious hair for as long as possible.

Although your scalp is typically the same skin type as your face, it can be the opposite too. You have to pay attention to how it feels to figure out if you’re on the oily or dry side. An easy way to figure this out is by simply washing your hair and leaving it be. Don’t put any product on and leave it to air dry, then, leave it unwashed for a few days. If your scalp is still dry, its skin type is dry. If it’s oily and your hair feels ridiculously dirty, it’s oily. If you find that you’re in the middle, it’s a combination of skin types. Finally, if your scalp feels irritated, your scalp skin is sensitive.

For each type of scalp, you will need a different types of hair product and hair wash routines. None of these is super difficult. You don’t really need to put in a lot of work, just make educated decisions that will make your life, a lot easier!

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Most Selling Best Shampoo in Pakistan

We have compiled the best shampoos and conditioners available in Pakistan. We will be going over which brand works best for which type of scalp and hair and what you should be avoiding while going shopping.

1. For Normal, Non-Reactive Scalp and Hair

Normal, Non-Reactive Scalp and Hair

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The good thing about having a normal and non-reactive scalp and hair is that you could pretty much use anything and you’ll be fine as your scalp isn’t going to react to an ingredient adversely.

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Pantene “Hair Superfood”

Pantene Hair Superfood

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This is a great shampoo even if you don’t have any issues with your hair and scalp. This is meant to be an all in one nutritional boost for your hair. Its formula has Pantene pro-v in it, which helps protect the hair you already have while nourishing the roots as the hair grows more. A plus side is a fact that it also protects the hair against heat damage. Pair this with the matching conditioner and even if you’re not really using anything else in your hair but use this, you will notice that your hair is getting healthier!

The only “con” with this shampoo is that it isn’t that readily available in Pakistan offline in the local markets. But this isn’t really that big of a problem because you can easily find the 400 ml version online, some websites even carry the bigger bottles as well.

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2. For Hair Fall

For people facing hair fall

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Hair fall is something that many men and women deal with. It’s important to understand that hair fall tends to be an issue that isn’t just limited to the surface. It’s unlikely that you can fully treat it with a shampoo and conditioner. Hair fall can be caused by anything from a change in weather, hormones, or diet. Especially if you’re trying out a diet that’s the polar opposite to what you usually eat, along with a variety of other internal things. Even though shampoo can’t treat the issue, it can help it. So, it has to be used with the best argan oil to stop hair loss.

Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution

Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution


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The Sunsilk hair fall solution is meant to strengthen the hair you have, while you figure out what’s causing your hair fall issue internally. Unlike most shampoos, this one doesn’t strip hair too much to clean it, instead, using the soya vitamins that are in the formula, generally cleanses the hair and locks in the nutrients. Leaving you with soft, shiny, easily manageable hair.

Having your hair softer and easier to brush will mean that you don’t accidentally break off any hair while brushing it and won’t end up adding to the hair fall with breakage. Pair the shampoo with the conditioner and once a week with the hair mask from the same line and you’ll be left with much less hair fall compared to if you weren’t using this hair care line.

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3. For Dry and Damaged Hair

For dry and damaged hair

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When you have dry hair, it tends to lack the strength it needs to stay in one piece. This is why many people end up with severely damaged hair even if they only heat style it once in a while! Since the hair follicles don’t have any oils protecting them, there’s nothing in the way of straight-up damage. This is why it’s so important to nourish dry hair in a way that it leans more towards the “Normal” hair type so you don’t have to worry while doing simple things like brushing or tying your hair.

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Tresemme Keratin Smooth

Tresemme Keratin Smooth

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Tresemme is a haircare that used to be exclusive to salons back in the day, but now, they’re available all across Pakistan for regular people too. Keratin is a protein that helps smoothen hair. All the raggedy cells that make up your entire hair strand, create the rough texture that makes your hair more vulnerable to breakage, that is exactly what the Keratin in the shampoo targets. This is why you end up feeling like your hair is healthier! This can be enough to hold your hair in place while you switch out things on the inside like taking vitamins and switching over to a healthier diet that can help give your hair the nutrition on the inside that it needs, while the shampoo protects the outside. For best results, it’s always recommended to use both, shampoo and conditioner set together, that way, you will get the maximum smoothening effect for your hair.

4. For Oily Hair and Scalp

For people with oily hair and scalp

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There is no worse feeling than stepping out of the shower, waiting for your hair to dry, only to realize that it still feels dirty! If you continuously go through this, your hair and scalp might simply be too oily. The reason why your hair feels dirty after the shower is often that if you use a moisturizing or “oily” shampoo on already oily hair, it doesn’t break down your natural oils, instead, it ends up merging with it instead and becomes a whole mess. This is when you need a good clarifying shampoo instead of a regular one.

Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo

Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo

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Clarifying shampoos have one job, to “clarify” your hair of any impurities, dirt, or oils that are trapped in it. Think of it as a waterproof makeup remover, but for your hair instead. This gets everything out, gels, hairsprays, dirt, mud, or anything else you might have gotten in your hair, quickly and easily! This is great because generally, people tend to scrub their hair vigorously to get the gunk out, the friction ends up only causing damage and doesn’t break down any of the oils, leaving behind the gunk and taking away your hair health with it! This shampoo is especially great if you only wash your hair a couple of times a week. Let your natural oils build up and then clarify, so you are left with soft, smooth, and manageable hair that isn’t an oily mess!

5. For Colour Treated, Brassy Hair

For colour treated, brassy hair

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Since almost all Pakistanis are natural brunettes, when we bleach or colour our hair a little lighter, it tends to get very very brassy! This can be a nightmare as most of the time, the hair that’s trending is much lighter than our natural hair colour. Since we don’t really have toners available in Pakistan, you see hundreds of women paying thousands of rupees to get their hair done, only for it to turn out a lot warmer than anyone else would want.

To turn orange and brassy hair, the ash tone most people want in the first place, you can use a purple shampoo.

Qeroa Silver Shampoo / Purple Shampoo

Silver Shampoo Purple Shampoo Professional

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A shampoo like this adds a hint of purple to your hair. Since purple is on the opposite end of the colour wheel to orange, it’s the colour that can cancel out the brass in your hair. Use this shampoo every time you shower and it will keep your hair colour looking fresh and toned for a lot longer than it could survive on its own.

Tip: If you’re dealing with an unnerving amount of brass. Take the purple conditioner from the same line and put it on damp hair and leave it there like a mask for at least an hour. It will deposit enough purple into your hair that the brass will be gone immediately!

6. For Curly Hairs (People Following the Curly Girl Method)

For people following the curly girl method

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Following the curly girl method can be pretty difficult when you’re living in Pakistan because of the limited options we have for hair care that’s curly girl approved. This leads to many people having to deal with limp hair and curls that are far from being at their full potential.

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Qeroa Professional – Collagen Sulfate Free Shampoo

Collagen Sulfate Free Shampoo Professional

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One of the most basic requirements of the curly girl method is to drop all sulfates from your hair care routine. One of the main products that have a huge amount of sulfate in it is Shampoo. Switching over to a sulfhate free shampoo for the days you’re going to shampoo your hair will be essential to making sure your curls stay healthy and thrive! Alternatively, on your regular wash days, you can use the matching conditioner as your co-wash and get the bouncy curls that everyone envies!

7. For Damaged Hairs

For people with damaged hair

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If you’ve been extensively styling your hair for a few weeks straight, you might’ve ended up with damaged hair that is unmanageable. This happens because the hair hasn’t had time to gradually deal with the damage and had a lot of it dumped on all at once.

Unless you want to cut your hair and start anew, you’ll have to use something that’s going to target the follicles and add nutrition to it instantly.

Qeroa Collagen Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Collagen Fortifying Conditioner Professional

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Shampoo and conditioner like this are perfect for hair that needs instant help. This adds a bunch of collagen to your hair. Collagen helps soak in amino acids, which in turn helps build protein in your hair. The added protein is what will help the hair roots get stronger and the stronger they are, the less damage they take!

This is something that you should use as a monthly or bi-weekly boost for your hair anyway, even if it’s not damaged so it stays as healthy as it possibly can!

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