Best Baby Cot Brands in Pakistan

Baby Cot Brands in Pakistan

The moment you start shopping for a new baby cot, you will realize that appearance or design is not the only aspect to consider. Do you want a cot that expands with your baby or one that can be moved around the house? Does it fit perfectly in the room? What material should it be made of? These are just the initial factors that you have to consider before shopping for your baby.

The flexible furniture industry has adapted to different family needs aptly, and baby cots are not an exception to this. As a result, you can choose from a plethora of various types, models, and brands. This is great as it allows parents to purchase the cot that best fulfills their requirements and home.

It can be a confusing ride to choose the one perfect cot. However, if you are aware of all the categories and benefits of specific features, you can select the correct one easily. In this article, we will learn about the best Pakistani baby brands, types of baby cots, and more relevant information so that you are equipped to shop!

Various Types Of Baby Cots

In order to guide you through the shopping process, below are the types and descriptions of each cot.

Regular Cot

Regular Cot

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This cot is the most conventional, simple, and non-convertible option without any more features.

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Convertible Crib

Convertible Crib

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This type of cot grows with the baby – from newborn to toddler phase. A few convertible cribs also transform into adult beds. Do you know that this cot is also known as a lifetime crib because they possess the ability to adjust with the mattress height in the crib.

Moreover, it becomes a toddler bed for older infants as time goes by, and can eventually be utilized as a daybed in the future. Convertible baby cots are usually more expensive as opposed to other categories of cribs due to these long-lasting benefits. But they typically adapt to the age group of the baby until adulthood, which is why this is a permanent investment.

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Combo Cot

Combo Cot

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This crib is convertible along with an attached changing table.

Cot with Under-Crib Drawer

Cot with Under-Crib Drawer

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This crib includes a big drawer under the mattress and it is also convertible due to the attached changer.

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Portable Crib

Portable Crib

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This type of cot stands on four wheels and is best for moving around the house. Depending on the model, it can also fold down so that the user can store it easily.

Pack ‘N Play

Pack 'N Play

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This comes with an aluminum or plastic frame and is surrounded by mesh.

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Travel Crib

Travel Crib

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This is the most lightweight cot and its purpose is to be used during traveling. It is much smaller and can be folded easily.

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Round Cribs

Round Cribs

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Round baby beds are the latest design and it is perfect for a room having a limited amount of space. This is because it provides the baby with an extra playing area and they can utilize it with the increase of age. Round cribs are distinctly styled and they possess a classic yet modern exterior, full of posters and canopies.

When you invest in round cribs, you will have to buy round accessories as well. For instance, round bumpers, round mattresses, and crib beddings. These bedding supplies are usually more costly as opposed to the conventional sheets and crib beddings.

Canopy Cribs

Canopy Cribs

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This type of cot is known as a canopy due to the fact that it has a canopy on top. Canopy cribs are very popular as they are comfy, and deliver a comfy plus cute environment for the baby to sleep in.

Moreover, the canopy offers the crib a rare appearance that will catch your attention instantly. Remember to remove the canopy when your baby turns four months old as the child can easily hang on it and fall.

The Sleigh Crib

The Sleigh Crib

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This sleigh-style crib is becoming more and more demanding. It is designed to resemble a sleigh and this unique appearance can easily uplift the aesthetic of a nursery. The majority of sleigh cots are made by using headboards and solid footboards instead of the traditional slats. This is why the solid wooden pieces increase their costs as compared to the traditional cots.

Drop-Side Cribs

Drop-Side Cribs

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These cribs were a hyped uptrend for many years because the drop-side allows the parents to easily get the child in and out of the cot. Many parents think that the lower part of the rail is highly useful and more accommodating to their backs. But the drop-side crib might not be safe for children as it can lead to injuries or even death when the child falls off the cot.

Size of the Crib

Depending on the availability of space, you can opt for the mini cot or a full-size (standard) cot.

The inner measurements of a full-size cot are standard which means that all standard cot mattresses fit ideally into a full-size cot. On the other hand, the internal measurements of a mini cot are not regulated by the market. This can cause a problem while purchasing a mini cot mattress.

  • A full-size cot is a standard-size crib having the internal measurements of 52 ⅜ plus ⅝ inches of length multiplied by 28 plus ⅝ inches of width.
  • A cot that is smaller than the dimensions mentioned above is a mini cot. But thankfully, the majority of mini cots are 24 inches wide and 38 inches long. This is the measurement of an abundance of mini cot mattresses.

Full-Size Cot Versus Mini Cot

In case you are blessed with sufficient space and have no other unique needs, deciding to go for a full-size cot is, definitely, a better idea. Your baby can use the full size for a long period of time and a generous area to sleep.

Even though a convertible mini cot still remains an option, keep in mind that it transforms into a mini toddler or a mini daybed. However, plenty of mini cots transforms into a twin-size bed, which is similarly long to any bed.

A mini cot can provide the same features as a full-size model but in smaller measurements. Even though it possesses a smaller footprint as compared to a full-size cot, the height of both models is almost the same. Therefore, even if mini cots are smaller, your baby won’t be able to climb out of them.

Although high-quality mini cots are as comfy, secure, and strong as the bigger variants, they won’t be satisfactory after the first year. This is because of the fact that they are still smaller which is why babies grow out of them earlier.

When to Buy a Mini Cot?

Mini cots are famous among people who have restricted space in their homes. For instance, if you reside in a small apartment, going for a mini cot can save a lot of important space where you can store other belongings of your baby. Preferring a mini cot over a Pack ‘N Play cot is a better and more attractive choice.

A mini portable cot is also a usual preference for grandparents’ houses because it does not take up a lot of areas and can be folded away when you are not using it.

A mini cot is also a better and more long-lasting alternative to a newborn bassinet. The safest co-sleeping option is room-sharing without sharing a bed. A mini cot is also a decent choice for a couple who are blessed with twins! Two mini-size cots instead of two full-size cots will save an abundance of the area in the baby nursery. And last but not the least advantage, a mini cot is more affordable than a full-size cot.

How to Opt for the Right Crib Type?

Follow the below-mentioned easy steps, and in the end, you will be able to know what type of cot is the ideal one for you and your baby!

Available space for the Cot

For anyone on a tight budget, start with measuring the space for the cot. Make sure whether you have sufficient area for a full-size cot or whether you would have to purchase a mini model. Even though the inner measurements are determined by law, the dimensions of full-size cots are not identical. This is because of the framework. A few are heavy whereas others are minimalistic and sleek. Oftentimes, even an inch matters.

The Budget for the Baby Cot

Set up a price budget that you are willing to spend for a baby cot. With so many various models and cot designs, you can easily get carried away. But do remember that you will stumble upon tons of beautiful baby cots at a reasonable price. Plus, do not forget that you need a cot mattress that will also add to the budget.

Baby Cot Features

Before going shopping, sit down and ask yourself what do you expect from the crib.

  • Do you need a portable cot on wheels or a stationary cot?
  • In case you have a short height, a low-profile cot will be a better option for you.
  • How long are you planning to use the baby cot? Do you want the cot to grow and expand with the child?
  • If you want a convertible cot, decide about its conversions (daybed, toddler bed, or a full-size bed). How many conversions do you need?
  • If you want a cot on wheels, do you want it to be folded down for simple storage?
  • Do you want a cot for traveling or a Pack ‘N Play?
  • In case you want a cot and a changing table, but you, unfortunately, lack space for these units, try searching for combo cribs.
  • You can opt for an extra drawer under the cot.

Top Baby Cot Brands in Pakistan


Mothercare is a known name in the industry. The moms especially love this brand. This affluent company has outlets in many different countries including Pakistan. Their website displays the following product categories:

  1. Baby clothing
  2. Kid’s clothing
  3. Moms and maternity
  4. Babycare
  5. Baby gear
  6. Furniture and bedding
  7. Footwear and accessories
  8. And more

There is a store locator on the website through which you can see where the nearest branch of the brand is located around you. Their variety in baby cots is limited but it is perfect for anyone looking for a simple crib. Let’s see two of their cribs in detail.

1. Papacare Addington Cot Bed WhitePapacare Addington Cot Bed White

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This cot is designed for babies till four years of age. It comes with three base positions and Formaldehyde free finishing. As for the construction, the raw materials used are high-grade MDF and solid wood. Available in plain white color, the appearance is classic and refined. The teething curved top rails are highly durable. It weighs 27 kg and can be converted into a supportive toddler bed.

2. R for Rabbit Dream Time

R for Rabbit Dream Time

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If you’re looking for a charming cot for your cherub, this is the one! Its brownish red color is pleasing to the eyes. Boasting a premium quality, this wooden cradle is made of pine wood. It comes with wheels which means it is easy to maneuver everywhere.

The locking mechanism adds firmness and can be installed easily. It’s suitable for children from zero to one year old. There is a swing lock too that helps with making the baby sleep. Its smooth finishing, safety, and portability make it a winner.

Baby Planet

Baby Planet is a Lahore-based diverse brand that aims to provide everything for your baby. Whether you need help with diapering, school supplies, baby care, maternity, feeding, baby gear, toys, and clothing, their extensive product catalog will take care of your needs.

Although they mostly have carrycots, standard cribs are also available here. And the best part is that their pricing structure is affordable. This means that you will get quality results on a low budget. Let’s see some of their best offerings.

1. Junior Wooden Cot

Junior Wooden Cot

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This baby cot is unlike anything you will see in the market. The rails and a drawer underneath the mattress are a baby pink shade that looks adorable. What’s more, there are moons and stars engraved in the wooden rails. Last but not the least, it comes with wheels! This portable goodie is definitely a keeper and you can store essential baby supplies in the drawer.

2. Infants Wooden Cot

Infants Wooden Cot

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This is another beautiful cot that is ideal for infants. All the standard cribs by Baby Plant come with wheels and drawers, just like this one. These two features add a lot of value to the product and boost convenience. The mattress of this cot is a cool color palette of green and brown. It’s construction is done with sturdy wooden material.

All Things Baby

Did someone say cute? This is the word best used to describe this ultimate baby brand. Owing to the name, the company sells all the essential products needed for babies – toys, feeding, mom, gear, hygiene, our picks, nursery, clothes, and even a Santa’s Baby Store. In the bedding section, they have high-quality customized blankets, carrycots, mini cot sets, and a lot more.

Everything is made with great care, premium fabrics, and with organic materials. Their high standards make sure that your baby will feel comfortable and sleep in no time. Whether you want a cot for going outside or installing in-home, you won’t be disappointed with their eye-catching collection.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Children’s Fashion Store is a unique brand that ups the baby essentials game. Along with their own branded products, they stock items from different companies as well such as Next, Mothercare, Monsoon Children, ELC, Children’s Clothing, Philips Avent, Medela, Oops, Brumano, and SpeCtra.

The best part of this platform is that they have categorized products into ages – Newborn, Toddler, Junior, and Baby care. Apart from this, other categories include accessories, toys, footwear, home, and travel. The last category is something very few brands possess.

Coming to the cribs section, only six are available and they are all from Mothercare. There is a mattress for a crib as well from the same brand.

1. Teddy’s Toy Box Crib Bale

Teddy's Toy Box Crib Bale

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This is a teddy bear-themed baby cot that is loved by all babies. Since this is a demanding product, it is currently out of stock. The crib comes with a complete bedding set that fits snugly within the rails. Its wooden construction along with its long-lasting finishing makes it ultra-durable.

2. Swinging crib Natural

Swinging crib Natural

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This crib is a heavenly product for mothers who find it difficult to make their babies sleep. The swinging mechanism is simple and will put even the most stubborn baby to sleep. After getting a good night’s sleep or nap, you can fix it to a static position. The design is minimalist and the wooden construction is sturdy. From newborn to when the baby can crawl, this is a great investment.

A few more themed baby cots are available like space.

Zubaida’s Online

This is another Pakistani brand excelling in the infant business. They have items in the categories of feeding, baby, kids, toys, bath time, footwear, maternity, newborn, gear, and furniture. Some of the brands they collaborate with are Nuby, Summer Infant, Mom Squad, Carriwell, Johnson’s Baby, Tommee Tippee, Bright Stars & Ingenuity, Evenflo, Delta Disney, Tinnies, and Baby Trend. In the Gear & Furniture section, there are cribs along with car seats, carriers, bed rails, jumpers, swings, bouncers, walkers, high chairs, strollers, and bassin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of baby cots are available in Pakistan?

  • Electric Baby Cots

This type of cot allows parents to monitor their children better. It includes a built-in camera, intelligent alerts that inform you whether the baby is sleeping or awake, integrated sensors in the mattress, and a thermometer to check the baby’s health throughout the night.

  • Portable Baby Cots

This comes with wheels so that you can move it anywhere.

You can buy handmade and convertible baby cots in Pakistan too.

2. What Is the Lifetime of a Cot?

A cot usually lasts for 2 to 3 years.

3. What Should Be Put in a Baby’s Cot?

Toys, pillows, duvets, bumpers, loose bedding, and straps are some things you should keep in the cot.

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