Himalayan Salt Lamp in Pakistan – Health Benefits & Buyer’s Guide

Salt Lamp Pakistan

Salt lamps found in Pakistan are called Himalayan salt lamps and they originate from the Khewra salt mines. This salt is millions of years old and is used as table salt. They are decorative lights that people buy for their homes. They are taken from the Himalayan salt which is pink in color. The Himalayan salt lamps are created by putting a light bulb in the big pieces of pink salt. When they are lit, they emit a welcoming pink glow which is appealing. This distinctive look is attractive to the eyes and it occurs due to the minerals found in the salt. It is a great decision to buy a salt lamp because it is a beautiful addition to any place. Their ambient lights produce a relaxing and tranquil environment that is soothing for people. Moreover, many claim salt lamps to have certain health benefits too. This article will cover the trending salt lamps, their benefits, and other useful information.

The 10 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps of 2023 in Pakistan

Here is the list of the most trendy and top 10 Himalayan Salt Lamps in Pakistan:

1. Leaf Salt Lamp

Leaf Salt Lamp

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This is a revolutionary salt lamp in the stunning leaf design. It is perfect for those people who have an exhausting desk job and have to sit in the same position for hours on end. It is a silent device and does not emit any smell. It’s also computer-friendly and only consumes a tiny percentage of power from the computer. This power is necessary to turn on the LED lights. These lights are highly dependable. It weighs 1 kg and costs 1,200 rupees.

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2. Pyramid Salt Lamp

Pyramid Salt Lamp

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This is another beautifully handcrafted salt lamp in the shape of a pyramid. The dimensions of the lamp are impressive and the form is reminiscent of the Egyptian vibes. This lamp emits undeniable and powerful energy. Several studies have revealed that a salt lamp creates negative ions which cast a positive effect on our physical body. Their energy produces serotonin which is a hormone that makes us feel good and relieves us mentally. Thus it makes us feel lighter, happier and healthier. The purification of the living space and making your surroundings pleasant are guaranteed by the holy cross salt lamp. It’s natural properties eliminate the impurities which are found in the air.

The weight of the pyramid salt lamp is 5 kilograms. It promotes healing vibes and relaxation. If you want color therapy, it should be combined or used with other bulbs having contrasting colors. The price of this attractive pyramid salt lamp is only 2,400 rupees.

3. Salt Bowl Lamp

Salt Bowl Lamp

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This salt lamp emits a bright orange and reddish color which is alluring to the eyes. This lamp accompanies a salt bowl as well which has big chunks of pink Himalayan salt. The pair of these two natural salt sources is creative and appealing. The salt bowl and salt lamp both are almost 5 kilograms in weight. These two work together to clean and purify the environment. The power of two can not be dismissed. They dispel anxiety, depression and bad mood within a few minutes. It is best to meditate in the presence of these beautiful salt sources. They both neutralize the electromagnetic radiation in the room.

The price of these two is 4,000 rupees.

4. Cube Salt Lamp

Cube Salt Lamp

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If you have an allergy or asthma, this cube salt lamp will get rid of it. Test this amazing lamp to believe it yourself. It weighs only 5 kilograms and the benefits it offers are immense. It will boost your energy and happiness, making you calmer than before. It prevents stress and relieves your mind. All the bacteria and dangerous pathogens are eliminated from the air. The cube shape can be placed easily anywhere. You should put it besides your bed. It can be a bulb for you by illuminating the room. You can get this salt lamp for 2,400 rupees.

5. Feet and Hands Detox Lamp

Feet and Hands Detox Lamp

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Detoxification is all the hype these days and Himalayan pink salt is one of the best materials to detox your body. This salt detoxer is aesthetically pleasing and acts as a powerful tool for balancing your energies. It revitalizes the mood and cleanses the body and mind. It looks pleasing and offers pleasing benefits too. This detox lamp is perfect to use on cold winter days because it warms up the hands and feet. The visual stimulation makes it look attractive. Moreover, it alleviates the swelling of the feet and hands. You can clean and maintain it easily. If you do not want to use it for detoxification, it can be a beautiful night-light emitting the soft orange glow. The weight of this detox lamp is 7 kilograms and it costs 3,400 rupees.

6. Sphere Salt Lamp

Sphere Salt Lamp

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This salt lamp in the shape of a sphere looks like a magic ball. It is splendid and relieves migraine headaches by soothing your brain. You can regain the ability to concentrate and focus more on your task at hand by placing it near your workspace. The amazing Feng Shui vibe which it radiates is sensual and amazing. If you face insomnia, this sphere salt lamp will help you sleep better. This lamp weighs 5 kilograms and it is priced at only 2,400 rupees.

7. Angel Salt Lamp

Angel Salt Lamp

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This salt lamp is special due to its unique and adorable shape. The angel shape can be a beautiful decoration piece and it can be placed literally anywhere. It is crafted with care and effort. Moreover, it guarantees the cleansing of the environment. Light is emitted from the angel’s body which looks mesmerizing. The cost of this 5 kg angel salt lamp is 2,600 rupees.

8. Mini USB Salt Lamp

Mini USB Salt Lamp

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This category of salt lamps is crafted by hand and has a bright glow. They can change the colors with the help of USB and LED cords. The mini salt lamp lights up when it plugs into the USB port. These lamps are special because they eliminate the electromagnetic radiation and the bad effects which come with it. They can be a useful and beautiful addition to any place.

9. Drop Salt Lamp

Drop Salt Lamp

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This salt lamp in the unique shape of a drop is made from all-natural salt crystals. It changes colors when it is plugged in. If you spend an abundance of your time on the computer or usually have body pains, this drop lamp will offer a natural solution to you. It cures agitation, inability to focus, and dull energy efficiently. You can have filtered fresh air which is good for your lungs, body, and mind. All the dust, dirt, and smoke is reduced to a great extent. This visually intriguing drop salt lamp is for 1,200 rupees and weighs 1 kg.

10. Holy Cross Salt Lamp

Holy Cross Salt Lamp

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This crafted salt lamp can be used for both health and decorative functions. This salt lamp shaped like a holy cross is ideal for keeping the surroundings fresh. It aids in color therapy and for calming down the nerves. The holy cross salt lamp comes with a power cord having a switch to turn off and on. A bulb is also given with the lamp. This salt lamp is a natural ionizer of air. It is ideal for aromatherapy and is effective to clean the environment. If you have depression or other such mental disorders, this lamp will light up your mood. It produces negative ions in the environment which cleans everything naturally. Apart from the mood lighting, this lamp beautifies your space by acting as a decoration piece. You can also gift this lamp to a close one such as friends or family. It is best to put this lamp beside your working area, computer or television. It can also be placed in therapy rooms and offices. The price of this shiny salt lamp is 2,600 rupees. It weighs approximately 5 kilograms.

Benefits of Salt Lamps

  • The ambiance of the salt lamps is relaxing, therapeutic, and soothing. People feel at ease when they turn on the lamp because it creates a beautiful atmosphere. You can unwind after a long day and feel relaxed by their inviting ambiance.
  • They enhance the air quality of the space. In fact, salt lamps are specifically directed at those people who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other such respiratory disease. The salt concentration of these lamps has also been used in the practice of halotherapy. This therapy is for people with respiratory problems. They have to sit in salt caves for a certain period of time and the salt abundant in the air clears out their lungs. Similarly, aromatherapy includes the use of salt lamps to promote health.
  • Salt lamps are natural serotonin boosters which is the hormone for mood regulation. Studies have revealed that salt lamps produce a lot of negative ions which actively fight depression, anxiety, and other such psychological disorders. Exposure to negative ions for long periods of time regulates the mood and makes us happy. The reason is that these ions have a positive, uplifting, and encouraging effect on our physical bodies.
  • Salt lamps heal us and bring out a healthier version of ourselves. The balance or neutralize the electromagnetic radiation in our body by balancing the negative energy to do a positive level. It also builds our ability to work, concentrate, focus and adapt faster to our work or tasks. The air becomes fresher and cleaner by purifying the air and eliminating bacteria.

How Long Do Salt Lamps Last?

The lifetime of salt lamps depends on how well you maintain them. In other words, the lifetime is indefinite. The maintenance of this product can be done by following the below points

  • Put the salt lamp in a Ziploc bag and place the bag in a dry place. This step will avoid the lamp from accumulating moisture. You should do this if you’re not using the lamp for long periods of time.
  • Unplug the salt lamp and clean it with a dry cloth. This will erase the excess moisture. In case you reside in a humid place, you should do this more often.
  • It is possible that you might have to change the light bulb inside your salt lamp. However, if you have bought it from a reputable place and if it’s made of high-quality materials, you can expect it to last for a long time. But you still have to maintain it.

Why Is My Salt Lamp Leaking Water?

Salt lamps usually sweat, leak, melt, and weep. Water gets accumulated on the top or bottom due to the natural properties of salt. Salt naturally soaks in moisture from the surroundings. This is known as the hygroscopic feature of the salt lamp. If your lamp is placed outside in a humid environment, the chances of leaking will increase. In the case of humidity, water will start to condense at the top of the lamp. After a certain amount of condensation, water will start to melt to the base. Therefore, your salt lamp doesn’t leak. It’s just the condensed water dripping down.

Wrapping It Up

Salt lamps are a blessing and we all should allow ourselves to receive the abundant benefits of this item. Living in Pakistan, we are lucky to have this product readily available and highly accessible to us. A variety of salt lamps are being sold nationwide with different weights and shapes. They are affordable and within the financial range of everyone whereas the advantages are endless. The best thing is that they are easily portable, can be easily used and you can place them anywhere. You will be amazed and awestruck by the alluring atmosphere it creates. If you are someone who suffers from respiratory or physiological disorders, then having a salt lamp will do more for you. Many people purchase it just for decoration and to make their living space pretty. Although it is ideal for a decorative piece, this all-rounder product should also be recognized and used for other versatile properties.


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