Top Table Runner Designs (Ideas & Types) in Pakistan

Table Runner Designs

Table runners might not be the first thing you think of when you’re setting up your home, but when you dive into the world of table runners, you will realize how big of a difference they can make!

The right table runner design can transform your dining room from plain to looking like you actually put thought in the room! This also solves the problem of trying to figure out how to set up a table, they do half of the work for you! Granted, you get the right one…

The problem with trying to get a table runner is that it’s not very easy to figure out which one would be perfect for your particular dining room, there are simply too many options!

11 Best Table Runner Designs & Types in Pakistan


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In this post, we will be going through all the main types of table runners offered by top table runner brands in Pakistan and how you can incorporate them into your home!

1. Quilted Table Runners

Quilted Table Runner

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For the homes that have the throw pillows and blankets and the cozy vibe going around, you can’t just use a super formal-looking table runner because it would mean clashing themes! Keep the “comfortable” theme going by getting a quilted table runner. No matter how simple the rest of your dining room is, a quilted table runner will tie in the rest of the house easily and make it look like you have really tried to keep the whole house looking cohesive when all you have done is used the right table runner!

2. Patchwork Table Runners

Patchwork Table Runners

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Not all homes have a separate dining room set up. If your dining table is right in the middle of the house or in the kitchen itself, you can’t really go for a formal table set up either, you’re going to need something that doesn’t look out of place! A patchwork table runner may be the best thing to get for a home like this because it looks simple and casual while brightening up the place! These are great table runners to have in homes where you want something to dress up the table but don’t want it to be very loud. These are simple, and get the job done! The best part about these is that you don’t really need a lot of decors to go with these, they’re enough on their own!

3. Crochet Table Runners

Crochet Table Runners

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Taking it away from the cozy fabrics, a crochet table runner is something that would work for multiple different tables. If you get a long one, you can easily use it on a full-sized dining table. Add come candles in, maybe a few flowers and you’ll have a table that’s ready for any type of event! Alternatively,  you can even get a shorter one and use it for a tea table with a matching tea cozy set! The same decor can work with these on any sized table, making these easy to move around across the house too!

4. Cross Stitch Table Runners

Cross Stitch Table Runner

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When you think of the word “cross stitch”, it’s likely that the image of super dated framed pieces comes to your mind. Those days are gone, cross stitch has come a long way from just being in frames, it is now done in a way that is unique and aesthetically pleasing! This table runner for example. It’s one that you can have permanently in your main dining room or your kitchen dining area. It can sway towards the more “brunch formal” or simple everyday home-style depending on the accessories you use with it. Dress it up or down, it totally depends on you!

5. Embroidered Table Runners

Embroidered Table Runners

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Now that we have the more casual setting table runners out of the way, let’s move on to some that can work in both, formal and casual settings. This embroidered table runner is a great example of one of these. This leans towards the more formal side but depending on what you’re serving and the decor you have around it, it can easily be used for a fun tea party all the way to a totally formal dinner! The simple base with the pops of colour makes it easy for you to make it look new to it for several occasions just by switching out what’s around it! The versatility of it makes it best for people that entertain guests throughout the year because this table runner, will always keep things looking new!

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6. Floral Table Runners

Floral Table Runners

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If you’re looking for a table runner that’s simple yet interesting, this one might be perfect for you!

Floral table runners like this one are great for people that love to entertain in the daytime. It’s light, floral print brings in the element of nature. It gives the room the light, airy feel that you might not be able to achieve with a plain table! Add gold and white decor with this table runner and you have the perfect setup for a lunch!

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this in the nighttime. Swap out the gold decor for solid deeper pinks, purples, and whites and you would’ve instantly transformed the space into a dinner setup!

7. Handmade Table Runners

Handmade Table Runners

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If you’re looking for something that’s totally out of the box and unique, regular, factory-made table runners might not work that well for you. Instead, you should go for a handmade one instead! Most handmade table runners are made in a way where they’re all slightly different from one another. If you want to take it one step further, you could also place a fully custom order and have them create a piece that’s perfect for your specific theme!

8. Velvet Table Runners

Velvet Table Runners

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Velvet table runners are one of the most versatile ones you could ever get. If you are someone that switches between having people over and like to have something casual for when you’re dining with your own family, this might be a great option for you!

A plain velvet table runner like this one can easily be all done up with decor such as candles and flowers like this can instantly make this look like super intricate decor! Take all of it away and you have a simple table runner for your everyday life! The best of both worlds!

9. Lace Table Runners

Lace Table Runners

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For the people that love Victorian-style decor, most of the table runners on this list might not match with their homes! If you’re running into that problem, opt for a lace table runner instead!

These are great because they work for both, indoor and outdoor tables. You can add lots of gold decor pieces and flowers to give it a formal look. If you want to tone it down and have a simple outdoor picnic type of setup, take it all away and focus on your dishes instead! They’ll be the decor you need! The possibilities are endless with these!

10. Fancy Table Runners

Fancy Table Runners

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If you have a proper dining room and use it for formal dinners, you might want to consider getting a fancy table runner for the room permanently. Although the word “fancy” means different things for different people, something like this is a good option. A table runner like this focuses the detail on the borders and the center, making sure that you can still use the table runner easily. The detail in the center is usually enough that you don’t even need a lot of extra decors, they’re usually enough on their own!

11. Plain Table Runners

Plain Table Runners

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Finally, we have to add a little something for people that like the minimalistic look and don’t want to overdo it with details. If you want to keep your dining area simple, but have a table runner on it, you don’t have to get one with tonnes of design, you can opt for a totally plain one too!

Plain table runners are great because, on the off chance that you do have to host a formal dinner, you can add all the decor you want and turn it into a fancy setup instantly! This is the type of table runner that you have the most room to play around with. Making it great for people that want to keep things simple, and the people that like to try new things with decor all the time!

The world of table runners is somewhat endless. There are several different types and fabrics and designs that come out every day and expand the choices but the way we’ve made this list, you’re bound to find something that would fit perfectly in your home and if you ever feel like experimenting, there are tonnes of option.

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