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mehndi designs for eid

Eid is an auspicious festival, Muslims all around the world love and wait for Eid time to come. The celebrations on Eid are massive. Every working man and woman spends their entire month’s salary on getting the Eid stuff. From clothes to shoes to accessories, everything has to be new and gleaming. The days of both Eid are spent partying with friends and family and having crazy fun with a lot of food.

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Every festival has its traditions, with Eid its sweets, family reunions, and Mehandi. Eid can never be complete without those beautiful hands decorated with Henna. Whether you are in Pakistan or abroad, if you don’t apply Mehandi, your Eid will be without colors. Henna is the expression of joy, happiness, celebration, and prosperity. It’s applied at every auspicious and happy event, where celebrations are at its peak. Event or no event girls only need the slightest reason to apply Mehndi. Owing to the high demand of the Mehndi application, here we are with the latest and trendiest Mehndi designs for eid inspiration.

Eid and Mehndi

mehndi designs for eid

In the hot desserts of Arab, Mehandi was applied for its cooling effects, but soon it was applied for the colors and ever since it has become the symbol for celebration and prosperity. Both the Eid festivals that Muslims celebrate are times of extreme joy and festivities; this is the reason why Mehandi has such importance at Eid. Muslim women all around the world demonstrate their joy and happiness by applying Mehandi at their hands and feet. This is considered a vital part of celebrating Eid.

Albeit the fact, that Mehandi is applied at every happy affair in Pakistan like the birth of a child or a wedding and considered an essential part of bridal makeup, but Eid Mehandi is little different. The grace and elegance of the Eid Mehandi can’t be denied or ignored; in every corner, you will see a girl, lady, or even a little baby with red hands adorned with Mehndi on Eid.

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List of Top 12 Pakistani Easy & Simple Mehndi Designs for Eid

It’s great to see Mehandi adorned hands serving tea, doing chores, and making food; it makes Eid come alive. No wonder girls are searching for the latest and trendiest designs every Eid, as they want to look and have the best designs than anyone else. It’s always a hassle selecting Mehandi designs off the internet; you need the very best. This is why we have gone through all the trouble to bring you the best in 2023. Coming Eid, you will have the best design on your hands and feet.

1. Twists, Twirls and Dotted Stripes

Twists, Twirls and Dotted Stripes mehndi design

Some like it delicate while some like a bit of flamboyant touch; to each his own or rather her own. Apply your Mehandi design with spirals, twirls, and subtle stripes dotted to make them look extravagant. Eid is the time to break all rules and go all nine yards. Don’t stop at anything, and don’t let anyone stop you from applying the kind of designs that you want. Go for the most lavish one and get praise from everyone.

The twirls look extremely elegant, even when the Mehandi washes off the design looks extremely regal. You can do loads with twirls and spirals. You can either lay them as bail or artistically on half of your hand and thumb. With dotted strips, you will have a clean but classy look. They are most popular because the dots come off very prominent and full of color against the delicate lines. You can either start with your elbows like brides do, or keep it simple and start with your wrist and end at your finger-tips.

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2. Bail (Vines)

Bail (Vines) mehndi design

Eid is the religious festival and Mehandi on Eid is a must, but there are many women and girls who aren’t in love with Mehandi or find the sweet smell of it unpleasant. But since Eid isn’t complete without Mehandi, we have come up with the most delicate and simplest design of all. These designs are pretty simple and will dry in no time. Vines, most commonly known in Pakistani culture as bail, are simple vines going, in a snake-like manner, from the wrist to the index finder’s tip. It’s an effortless, delicate, and most elegant design of ever. You can add flowers, dots, hearts, and leaves to your bail and make it more lavish and festive.

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3. Floral Patterns

Floral Patterns mehndi design

It’s not only the girls who are mad about Mehandi; little kids also want to have Mehandi on their hands-on Eid. The Mehandi artists have a huge book of designs that they have made for Eid, especially where kids and adults can come and select what kind of Mehandi they need. Small floral designs are always selected for kids. As their hands are tiny, and one cute flower covers the whole palm. It looks great and dries fast as well.

4. Elaborated Circles

Elaborated Circles mehndi design

For more traditional females, we have circles. From ancient times these circles have been extremely famous. In old times ladies used to put a circle of Mehandi, using their fingers in the middle of their palm or at the back of their hand. This is the easiest of all designs, but that doesn’t make it less popular. Conventional ladies love circles on their hands. Almost all the time, a circle design is followed with colored tips. They look extremely exotic, even at their simplest. Most commonly these circles are called “Gol Tikki”, and they are famous all around the world.

To make your circles as festive as Eid, you can add so much to them. For starters, you can add flowers around the circle and a couple of dots on top of each flower. The second design you can add around your circle is check, it might be a bit complicated, and your Mehandi artist needs to be a professional to do so, but when it washes off, the color is exceptional. You can also add spirals around your circles to make it more appealing. You can also go heavy on the fingers to make the design more attractive and well festive, since its Eid.

5. Full Hands

Full Hands mehndi design

Some girls love Mehandi, and for those its full hands and nothing less. From the wrist to the tips, there will be no space left if you are going for full hands. The best part is that this is what brides go for on their big day, but they usually start from elbows or above however, on Eid you can start from the wrist or a bit above. You can add everything to this style, from Tikki to bail to checks; anything, and everything works. Just add them all up and make a brilliant design. A full hand with Mehandi looks extremely beautiful. It’s full of colors, there is clean space, and the hand looks flawless.

It’s assumed that 90% of the ladies and young girls who love Mehandi go for full hands. Since Eid is such a big affair for Muslims, you will surely see a lot of hands full of Mehandi oozing with grace and color.

Pakistani Mehandi is pretty famous on special occasions like Eid; however, there are many other styles of Mehandi that are pretty popular around Eid such as,

  • The Moroccan Design
  • The Minimalist Design
  • The Bangle Design
  • The Fingers only design
  • Indian design
  • Arabic design
  • Western Design

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6. The Moroccan Design

The Moroccan mehndi Design

The style hails from middle-east, and it’s pretty easy to draw as well. Any Mehandi artist who knows even a bit of Mehandi will be able to do it for you. These designs start and end with geometric shapes, which are pretty simple. So, the designs will be more of triangles, squares and circles blended in seamlessly for a flawless finish. To make the design more interesting, you can add floral and leafy patterns to it as well. Moroccan Mehandi is one of the most popular designs, it’s neat, clean and precise cut, and it’s also very simple and delicate.

7. The Minimalist Design

The Minimalist mehndi Design

Like I said earlier, some people don’t really like Mehandi or the sweet smell of it. So, most of these ladies go for a small tattoo with Mehandi. It’s either their name or a simple flower or just a small shape. A design that is really insignificant that will keep them in the group of people celebrating Eid. A little band of the wrist also suffices as a minimalist design, and it also looks pretty chic.

8. The Bangle Design

The Bangle mehndi Design

Among the Pakistani ladies, the bangle design is very famous. Almost all Pakistani designs start with the bangle and progress further to become either a vine or a full hand design. So you can create your bangle with Arabic or Pakistani design. The bangle is trendy, and many girls pair a small ring on their finger to go with the bangle as well. The popularity of the bangle design is increasing with each passing season. If you want to look trendy as well as in fashion with your Mehandi, the bangle should on top of your list.

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9. The Fingers Only Design

The Fingers Only mehndi Design

We personally adore the fingers only design; it looks very charming. The design is pretty simple, but you will need an artist who knows how to apply extremely delicate and thin Mehandi, or else it will be a huge mess. Thin Mehndi and a professional artist is the key when you are going for fingers only. If it’s thin Mehndi, it will dry a lot faster as well. So people who have chores or kids can actually benefit from this design. It’s a win-win situation for all. Mehndi designs for fingers only look very elegant and graceful, it also looks very intriguing and attractive.

10. The Indian Design

The Indian mehndi Design

The most popular of all styles is the Indian Mehandi design. They have so many festivals that their need for new patterns is overwhelming. This is the reason why if anyone is looking for Mehandi design; they should definitely check Indian Mehandi designs. Around Eid, many females go for Indian style Mehandi as it’s very thick with design, delicate and heavy. You can also add a lot of figures, names, and objects to your design as well. Don’t opt for Indian Mehandi designs if you like light and delicate look. India is pretty famous for its Mehandi history; even the word Mehandi is driven from the word mendhikā that hails from the Sanskrit language of ancient Hindus.

11. The Arabic Design

The Arabic Mehndi Design

With Arabic Mehandi you can expect to see a lot of shaded areas and cashew patterns; it’s the exact opposite of Indian Mehandi. The Arabic designs, unlike Indian and Pakistani, are more spread out. Another famous name for Arabic Mehandi is Mughlai Mehandi, and it’s pretty popular among girls who are looking for a delicate but more spread out design.

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12. Western Design

Western Mehndi Design

The west is going big on Mehandi; their culture was all about tattoos. However, Mehandi is like this temporary tattoo; you can have a different one every week – which is the coolest thing ever, so the west has decided to adopt the tradition of Mehandi. Many foreigners visiting Pakistan go gaga over Mehandi designs. They find Mehandi exotic and rightly so. Western designs are pretty intriguing as well; you can create these beautiful patterns with cute geometric shapes surrounded by floral patterns or quirky patterns. You will also see a lot of hand jewelry patterns such as bangle or bracelet Mehandi as well as chandelier Mehandi. Many artiest mix west/east patterns and make a sort of seamless blend that looks very graceful and elegant. There is a lot you can do with Mehandi, if only you decide to take a risk on this Eid.

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Mehandi is one tradition without which the festival of Eid is incomplete. There are very few girls who wouldn’t opt for Mehandi on Eid. You can literally experience the hub-bub for Mehandi on the night before Eid along with lawn suits and branded ladies shoes. Every salon, parlor, or Mehandi place is full of excited girls waiting for turns to get their favorite Mehandi design. There is no competition that Mehandi is an integral part of Eid.

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