The Best Maxi Dresses for Girls (Designer Collection 2023)

Pakistani Maxi Dresses for Weddings

Ever since the surge of Lehenga cholis took over Pakistani fashion a few years ago, it became increasingly difficult to find maxi dresses for girls in Pakistan. Although the demand for lehenga cholis kept going through the roof, there were still a lot of people that still wanted the good old maxi that they could always rely on to be the go-to dress that would last them a lifetime. Recently, the trend is starting to switch back over to the maxi dresses which has led to most designers coming out with new designs that include these too.

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Latest Designer Collection of Maxi Dresses for Girls in Pakistan:

Here are the top 10 designers and their top designs for girls, brides and guests attending weddings!

1. Elan


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When you think of contemporary, modern luxury dresses, Elan is one of the first Pakistani brands that comes to mind. They’re known for their impeccable luxury designs and the super intricate work that to really see each and every detail, you might have to put a magnifying glass up to it. This level of intricacy has set them apart from the rest of the crowd for years now.

Elan is mainly a brand that those brides gravitate to who want those muted, white and other light coloured dresses, although they absolutely kill it with brighter coloured dresses as well. Their signature remains the lighter tones with mostly silver work on it. The most popular of Elan dresses in 2023 has to be their “Champs De Patchouli l” Maxi dress.

This dress features heavy pleats and ends slightly above the ankles. The length is perfect to pair with their own lehenga/sharara bottoms so you can easily see the Maxi dress and the bottoms both very clearly. They have paired this dress with the classic heavy embroidered dupatta but it can be paired with something lighter if the overall dress becomes too heavy for you.

For Wedding guests, their absolute biggest hit has been the “Omairah” Maxi dress from the “Reve d’ete” collection. This maxi is a modern twist to the classic anarkali. It isn’t super fitted and flows beautifully. Instead of being fully lined throughout the dress, it only has a lined bodice, the rest of the dress uses the lehenga as a faux bodice instead which only adds to the 3D aspect of the work on the outfit itself.

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2. Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan

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Saira Rizwaan has always been one of the top choices for brides because of her attention to detail and the fact that each of her dresses is slightly tweaked to fit each bride. She’s also one of the best designers when it comes to beautifully bright and colourful dresses that have intricate work without weighing a ton. This makes her the perfect choice for most brides looking for a killer outfit for their mehndi events.

Even though most of her dresses work beautifully for mehndi events, she also has a specific collection for mehndi wear as well. In this collection, the 2023 favourite has been the mehndi bridal maxi called “Gul Noor”. Since it features several mehndi-esque colours, it fits perfectly no matter what your decor is. The work is heavy enough for you to wear as a bride but it’s also made so well that you can easily reuse it for years by changing the way you carry it or switching out the dupatta and bottoms of the dress itself. Making this one a very versatile piece.

When it comes to wedding wear for guests, Saira Rizwan totally knocked it out of the park with her “Naqsh” collection. These dresses featured intricate gota work that would shine from miles away while keeping things light enough that you won’t look like you’re trying to upstage the bride. In this collection, the winner has to be the “Singhaar” maxi dress. The gorgeous striking pink mixed with the purple mesh beautifully under the sparkle of the gold gota work. The bottom and dupatta are kept fairly plain to compliment the intricacy of the dress itself, making this one of the top maxis for this season.

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3. Ali XeeshanAli Xeeshan

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Ali Xeeshan was one of the first designers in Pakistan to really mix and match designs and styles of clothing from all over the world and create pieces that are so unique that they’re very easy to pick out of a bunch. Brides especially love his designs for the intricacy and the fact that he can also design a matching set for the groom too! No matter what colour scheme you want to be in, Ali Xeeshan would have a dress for you. This year, one of his top hits in bridal wear has been the “Tabeer” maxi. This dress is full of work. They have covered the dress with embroidery covering almost every single inch. The colour is a really refreshing mix of red and pink, making the bride look traditional yet unique at the same time.

If you’re a wedding guest, Ali Xeeshan has plenty of options for you too! His formal maxi dresses for weddings range from simpler clothes that have bigger but less embroidery on them to those that have pretty heavy work on them. The best dress from this season has to be the “Florence” Anarkali style maxi dress. The peach colour of the dress brings in a muted factor that offsets the heavy embellishments all over the dress perfectly. This makes this dress look nice and unique, without being too over the top.

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4. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

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If you like the idea behind Ali Xeeshan’s inspiration, but don’t really love the modern twist he has going on then Mohsin Naveed Ranjha might be the right designer for you! His work is infamous for really bringing back the old, Mughal style of women’s clothing in Pakistan that was all the jazz in the era of our forefathers. Every few months, he comes out with a new collection, using the same inspiration but somehow creating pieces that are totally different. This year, in his bridal collection called “Ghar Nari” we saw one of the top-dresses of the season, “Mumtaz”. The way he’s managed to merge the reds, pinks, golds with subtle pops of blue, has made this a dress that works well on any occasion, any time of the year.

When it comes to formal wear, one dress that made rounds all over social media was the “Sahiba” dress. Both variations of the dress, maroon and purple, were adorned by guests throughout the country and because of how versatile and timeless the design is, it’s one that we might be seeing for many years to come.

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5. Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain

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Faiza Saqlain has been in the wedding clothes industry for years now, and she knows her way around it. Every year there are countless brides that wear the same Faiza Saqlain outfit without even making any alterations to it, pretty much straight from the rack and somehow each of them tends to look entirely different from the other. The way her designs mould each individual person wearing them makes her one of the best designers in the country right now.

Since Pink with a hint of red has been a hit colour for bridals in 2023, it’s no surprise that the Faiza Saqlain design “Kaasni” from her Shehnai collection has been so popular among brides. The tiny, intricate details cover the entire front and back of the dress. The slit in the front allows brides to add whatever colour of bottoms they want according to their own theme, which makes each dress entirely different. The organza dupatta is perfect for a modern bride that doesn’t want a dupatta that’s too heavy and it works just as well if you don’t want to pin it to your head at all, which makes reusing it very very easy as well.

Faiza Saqlain’s formal wear collection that turned heads this year has been the “Luxe Formals” collection. In it, you have options of several different types of bridals but if you really like the design and shape of the “Kaasni” there’s a similar option in formal wear too, called the “Zaara”. The main maxi is pishwas style, in a bright but calming salmon pink and has a slit in the front and lets the bottoms peek through beautifully. The simplicity of the outfit is offset beautifully by the embroidered chiffon chunri dupatta with gotta patti on the borders bringing the entire look together!

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6. Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan

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Zara Shahjahan’s inspiration behind her designs is literally Pakistan. She uses Pakistani vintage fashion and design and mixes it with the trends and cuts of today and creates pieces that are not only beautiful but wearable. Her dresses can easily be dressed up or down which makes them totally unique and applicable to almost everyone’s style and taste.

Zara Shahjahan has several designs that go viral each year including unstitched women’s clothing. For bridals, the top design this year has been “Dastaan” hands down. This bridal is a muted ivory maxi dress. It has intricate work all over the entire dress, front and back. It has a matching lehenga underneath that has worked all over the border to keep it lightweight. The dupatta is almost entirely plain, just has an intricately embroidered scalloped edge. The reason why this dress is so popular for Pakistani weddings this year is that it can be worn on any event, engagement, nikkah, shendi, mehndi, walima, you name it. Switch around the accessories and you have a totally suitable outfit for any day!

When it comes to formal wear for weddings, Zara Shahjahan really knows how to make a killer maxi dress. This season, almost every wedding had a guest that wore the “Akbarnama” Maxi dress by Zara Shahjahan. Not only is the fabric itself, super luxe, but the way it’s made is something that would flatter almost every body type. The bodice hits at the natural waist but doesn’t go in too tight, making it a dream to wear. The way the embroidery is done is also very thoughtful, it has small details running up and down the entirety of the dress but none of it is too in your face. The main embroidery is focused on the bottom, but it’s fairly light. The dupatta follows the same theme, with light embroidery throughout with the bulk of it focused on the bottom. The colour is what makes this dress to an even higher level because it can be worn at a variety of events and can even be mixed and matched to re-wear over and over again.

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7. Suffuse


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Suffuse is a brand for those that really want their clothes to stand out and make a statement. Their designs are usually full of work and embroidery. Most of the work is done thick so it gives off a more of a 3D effect. That is also what Suffuse is famous for.

This year, the most popular Suffuse designs have been from the Floraison collection. Whether you’re looking for a dress for the reception or the baraat, adorned in reds or whites and silvers, they have it covered. Their red maxi with a slit is a design that gets updated every single year, with minor tweaks because it’s pretty much perfect, to begin with. All they change is the motifs and the main feature piece of the design and it becomes totally new, keeping the elements that Suffuse brides love while adding something new every year.

For formal wear, the “Rouge Pink” by suffuse won hearts throughout the country specially for the ready to wear women clothing collection. If you like pink, this design is a must-have. The criss-cross empire waist bodice is filled with floral embroidery all over it. The rest of the dress is balanced out by keeping the middle section simple with minimal design and a heavier border at the bottom. Most of the dress is partially sheer to let the sharara underneath peek through. The mint coloured dupatta offsets the pink and brings an element of calmness to the entire look.

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8. Zuria DorZuria Dor

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Zuria dor is a newer name on the market. In her short time in the industry, she’s already managed to hold a high spot among the veterans. Her designs are heavily inspired by bridal fashion worldwide. She takes elements that work globally, then adds a twist and mixes them with Pakistani fashion – creating somewhat of a best of both worlds type of design at the end.

Even though she does all colours very well, nothing beats her muted pinks and clean and crisp whites. Since most weddings in 2023 had to be shortened to a Nikkah and rukhsati merged event, many brides ended up having to look for nikkah dresses that would be simple enough for a nikkah but also detailed enough for a rukhsati event. The biggest hit this season was the “Azal white bridal gown” from their bridal collection. It is a full-length maxi dress with a circle skirt and bodice. The bodice has a modern style, with smaller but heavy work on the neckline, the sleeves are mostly plain and feature a heavy border at the ends. The skirt section of the maxi has a simple leaf design embroidered all over the dress. The heavy border from the sleeves is replicated on the skirt’s border as well. The maxi has a gold lehnga underneath to add volume to the dress overall and adds that tiny bit of extra sparkle that completes the whole look.

The silk trend has made its way to the formal wear collections as well. If you want the best of the bunch when it comes to silk maxis, the Zuri Dur “Narsis” Formal Maxi is perfect for weddings. The angrakha style is a great throwback that has recently become popular again. One thin strip of work makes its way all the way down the entire dress until it meets the giant border at the bottom. The border features several different types of floral designs that help incorporate a lot of colours in the dress overall. The maxi is also paired with a lengha matching the dress that compliments the dress beautifully.

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 9. Farah Talib Aziz

Farah Talib Aziz

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If you’re someone that’s looking for that ultimate blend of popping colours that really make you stand out, no one does it better than Farah Talib Aziz.

When it comes to bridals, options at Farah Talib Aziz are literally endless. There are lots of colours and styles to choose from in the maxi department, as maxis are what Farah does best! This year, her top two maxis were inarguably the “Gulnaaz” and the “Rangeen” dresses. Both of these dresses are striking in ways more than one. Firstly it’s their colour, beautifully blended yet you can see each and everyone very easily. The second is simply how well they’ve designed women’s clothing in Pakistan. On one hand, you have the heavy embroidery on iridescent fabric for the Gulnaaz and on the other, the soft, flowy feel of the Rangeen – both equally beautiful in their own way!

If you’re a wedding guest, Farah still won’t let you be disappointed. Even though the call has been pretty close, since the trend for 2023 has been to wear more muted colours than usual, the top dress has to be the “Chai Pink Nissa” here. The super tiny embroidery and the simplistic design combine to create something of a masterpiece that anyone would look good in!

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10. Republic Women’s Wear

Republic Women’s Wear

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Republic women’s wear has long been infamous for being that outrageously expensive brand that one can only afford in their dreams. This became the reason why very few brides used to wear their dresses a few years ago. But in the past year, they have done a complete 180. Now, they have full collections of dresses at mid-range prices. Which has made their dresses one of the most popular ones in 2023.

The WF-38 had been the perfect red dress this wedding season. The maxi is a full-length maxi with a slit in the front. The lehnga underneath is kept longer to add a dramatic effect to the whole look and the dupatta is a classic republic broad border dupatta. This is one of the best looks for Barat brides in 2023.

For attending a wedding, the WF-37 is a similar ensemble, but toned down to fit a wedding guest, while being interesting enough to turn a lot of heads. The main maxi is a pink angrakha style maxi. It ends above the ankles which let the sharara peek through at the bottom and also comes with a similarly styled dupatta to complete the look!

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